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Monday, September 21, 2015

Don't Buy Nootrobrain - Until you read this Review

About Nootrobrain

Nootrobrain is a dietary supplement for the brain. It improves cognitive function and helps you to focus and concentrate more, retain and remember more and also improves one's speech skills helping you to be more fluent in your expressions. It is made from unique ingredients that are said to be 100% pure by its manufacturer. If ensures overall enhancement of brain health and function. It is currently available on its official website in various packages.
  • Buy 3 bottles and get 2 free bottles at $395 with no shipping charges. This is the best package.
  • Buy 2 bottles get 1 free at $134 with no shipping charges.
  • Buy a single bottle at $67.Inclusive of the shipping charges, the total amounts to $79.

Manufacturer Information

The company behind Nootrobrain is called Nootrolabs Inc. it was founded by a group of researchers and has been in existence since 2010. The names of the said researchers are not mentioned on the official Nootrobrain website. The FDA has not yet reviewed this product but the company has been given a B+ by Better Business Bureau and has an official listing of its location. The contact information and return address is also included.


Claims about Nootrobrain

Nootrolabs Inc claims that Nootrobrain has been tested for purity and quality and has been proven to have the power to;
  • Enhance focus and concentration levels
  • Improve ability to absorb vast amounts of information
  • Improve memory recall
  • Enhance verbal skills making one more fluent

How Does Nootrobrain Work?

The manufacturer provides the exact proportions of the ingredients used in the formula and their contribution towards the overall performance of the supplement in the brain. There are only four key ingredients. How they work is explained in the ingredient list.


The four primary ingredients used in Nootrobrain are;
1.3mg of Vitamin B6
  • The brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin are responsible for good moods and help fight anxiety, depression and stress in the brain. Vitamin B6 is vital in the synthesis of these chemicals as well as in the production of haemoglobin.
  • It leads to overall brain health and an increased flow of blood to the brain which curbs mental fatigue.
100mg Bacopa Monnieri
  • This ingredient is responsible for improving moods by lowering stress and anxiety levels in the brain.
500mg Aniracetam
  • Sometimes referred to as Draganon, this synthetic compound helps to increase the density of neurotransmitter receptor which is why it is called as a cognitive enhancer and even sold on its own.
300mg CDP Choline
  • CDP stands for Cytidine 5'-diphosphocholine. It is commonly called citicoline.
  • It compensates for increased receptor density by ensuring adequate supply of choline.

Nootrobrain Benefits

  • Improves the mental clarity enabling one to absorb more.
  • Enhances the memory recall and learning ability.
  • Offers improved skills in verbal communication.
  • It has zero side effects and is 100% pure.
  • The Nootrobrain Company offers a 100% money-back guarantee anytime within the first 6 months.
  • Provides improved focus and concentration levels.
  • Improves moods by lowering anxiety levels.
  • Provides enhanced sensory perception.

Nootrobrain Drawbacks

  • It has not been approved by the FDA.
  • The research done on the supplement as a whole is not mentioned anywhere on the official website.

Dosage Instructions

It is recommended that you take 1 capsule two times in a day and with meals. A bottle contains 60 capsules which is enough for a month's supply.


  • Nootrobrain should not be taken close to bedtime as it may cause insomnia.
  • It should not be used by pregnant/lactating women.
  • If you are suffering from dementia, including but not limited to Alzheimer's disease, always consult your doctor prior to administration.
  • If you are currently on ADD or ADHD medicine, seek your doctor's okay before consumption of Nootrobrain.

Nootrobrain Side Effects

It is completely safe and free from any adverse side effects.

Does it interact with other medications?

Consult with your doctor if you are currently taking other medicines and seek his/her okay before consumption of this or any other supplement regardless of how safe it is.

Final Verdict

This is one of the best nootropic supplements you will find out there. The numerous positive reviews are a proof of just how effective it is. The company sweetens the deal by making sure that buying this product is not a gamble at all with the 100% money back guarantee. Its price is relatively fair according to the effects it will have on your brain. Your brain function is going to slow down as you age whether you like it or not and nootropic supplements is an option you might want to look in to. Nootrobrain comes highly recommended by doctors and will be the boost you need for your brain health.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Addium Reviews - Is Addium Brain Support Supplement Good?

About Addium

Addium is advertised as the most effective and advanced cerebral enhancement complex on earth. It not only increases mental energy and overall alertness but also supports all the other brain functions as well. Ever heard that an average human being uses only 10% of his/her brain's potential? Well, clinical trials have shown that Addium has the ability to unlock up to 89.2% of the other 90% and boost focus by up to 121% while also immensely improving your energy levels.

Addium can be purchased from the official website in form of the following packages;
  • Buy 3 bottles and get 2 free at $28.80 each.
  • Buy 2 bottles and get 1 free at $32 each.
  • 1 bottle at $48

Manufacturer Information and Claims about Addium

Manufactured in an FDA GMP Certified laboratory, Addium is claimed to be a 100% pure phosphatidylcholine complex that is efficient for brain cell functioning. The company behind it is not really known but there is an official website that is very educative. The makers claim that there are research driven human driven studies that confirmed the safety and effectiveness of Addium. Addium was also claimed to be the inspiration pill for the fictional NZT-48 drug in the 'Limitless Movie'.


How Does Addium Work?

For its brain boosting power, this supplement uses maximum strength scientifically-engineered nootropics known as 'smart drugs'. These help to increase brain activity, alertness and mental performance.

Addium jumpstarts your brain allowing you to think clearly, process data faster and hold on to more information. It enhances your memory recall by providing you with the focus and concentration needed to work for longer and more efficiently.

It also ensures that you are able to ignore distractions and focus entirely on the task at hand. It makes sure your concentration is skyrocketed and you are able to remember much more than you did before.

Finally, it provides a surge of energy that takes effect immediately and lasts up to 6 hours. This energy is better as it does not have the crash or jitters associated with energy drinks. It is also completely safe.


Addium formula is made up of the highest quality ingredients that have all been scientifically proven to be effective. They include;

Bacopa Monnieri
  • This is known to improve the speed of visual material processing, learning pace as well as the consolidation of memory.
Alpha GPC
  • Has been scientifically proven to improve IQ scores.
  • It lowers mental and physical fatigue and improves overall well-being.
Huperzine A
  • This is what enhances learning ability and memory by 89.2%.
  • This is responsible for giving the 121% boost in focus and concentration.
  • This reduces stress without leaving behind a sedation effect and promotes mental alertness.

Addium Benefits

  • The company offers a 100% money back guarantee.
  • It is completely safe to use.
  • Its boosts brain performance by 89.2% and focus by 121%.
  • It is affordable.
  • There are discounts offered on bulky purchases.

Addium Drawbacks

  • There is no information on its parent company.

Dosage Instructions

The label recommends that you take 1 capsule a day as a dietary supplement. Whether it should be take on an empty stomach or with food is not mentioned. Take it as per your convenience. It takes about 30 minutes to kick in with the maximum effects experienced after 2 hours. The effect on the first dose wears off after about 6 hours.


Always consult with your physician prior to the consumption of Addium.

Side Effects of Addium

It has zero side effects as it is as safe to use as supplements can ever be. It cannot harm you in any way.

Does it interact with other medications?

No interactions are listed as it is 100% safe but just to be safe, do not forget to mention to your doctor if you are currently on medication including but not limited to those for serious medical conditions. Pregnant or breastfeeding women and children under the age of 18 should get a doctor's okay prior to consumption.

Final Verdict

Addium is quickly gaining a following and might be soon entering the mainstream marketplace. It was also featured on CNN on September 2014 and has garnered support from celebrities like Joe Rogan, the UFC commentator and Tim Ferris, a best-selling author. It is indeed a limitless pill and is the perfect alternative to caffeine without the negative side effects. With Addium, one is able to live up to their full potential and what's more is that the effects do not noticeably wear off as they are longer lasting. Those who have tried it are more than impressed by it which is why the only where Addium is going is up. It is a phenomenon brain enhancer unlike any other out there.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Spartagen XT Review - Does it Really Boost Testosterone?

About the Product

Spartagen XT is a dietary supplement formulated to boost the natural testosterone production in the body. It is designed for males who want to increase testosterone level and enjoy a variety of benefits like improved libido, increased muscle mass, decreased body fat, etc. The product is popular among aging males who want to look and feel younger. It is made using a combination of essential nutrients and natural extracts that assist with the body's natural hormone production. One bottle which is supply for a month is priced $70 on the product's website and discounts are offered on bulk orders.

Manufacturer Information and Its Claims about the Product

The supplement is from a company called Edge Bioactives which is based in New Jersey. They do not offer any other product aside from Spartagen XT reviews. The company is still relatively new and has yet to establish a good reputation in the supplement industry. However, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their product.

Spartagen XT


  • Naturally boost the body's testosterone production
  • Boost energy level
  • Increase libido for an enhanced sex life
  • Help build lean muscle mass
  • Improve erection quality
  • Boost sexual stamina and improve overall sexual performance

How Does the Product Work?

Spartagen primarily works by using the power of natural extracts which have been used for centuries in traditional medicine to boost testosterone production. The product contains herbs and like tongkat ali and tribulus which have been shown to help boost testosterone level while offering other health benefits to the user. It also contains other components that boost energy level and work to improve sex drive like natural aphrodisiacs. The formulation also includes essential nutrients for healthy hormone production in the body.


  • Tongkat ali – this is a special herb from southeast Asia which have been used for centuries to boost sex drive of males. It has been shown to increase testosterone level by attaching itself to sex hormone binding globulin to prevent its negative effect on testosterone molecules.
  • Tribulus terrestris – this is another powerful herb that has been used in traditional medicine to revitalize the male reproductive system. It signals the body to produce testosterone for healthy levels of the important male hormone.
  • Korean red ginseng – studies have shown that this can help improve both physical and mental performance. Research has also shown that it helps improve testosterone production in the body while offering other benefits like better immune system function and increased energy.
  • Chrysin – this component helps in muscle growth by inhibiting the conversion of the male hormone to estrogen. This is to prevent common side effects of increased testosterone like gynecomastia.
  • Zinc – this is a very important nutrient when it comes to the body's testosterone production.
  • Vitamins D, E, B and magnesium – these are important nutrients for healthy testosterone production in the body.

Product Benefits

    Spartagen XT
  • The formulation is steroid-free
  • Spartagen XT uses proven natural extracts for boosting testosterone
  • There are many good feedbacks saying it is effective
  • Special discounts are offered on the product
  • It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Product Drawbacks

  • There is no independent clinical testing proving that the supplement is really effective
  • The price is high compared to other testosterone boosters on the market
  • There are some users saying it is not very effective
  • Some users experienced side effects from the formula
  • It can only be ordered from the Spartagen website

Dosage Instructions

Take 2 capsules daily with food. For men over the age of 50, athletes and bodybuilders, the dosage can be increased to 4 capsules daily for optimum results.


This product is only intended for use by healthy male adults. If you have any medical condition or are taking medication, consult your physician before intake.

Product Side Effects

Side effects from the use of Spartagen XT are rare but some users have experienced stomach upset, dizziness and sleep problems.

Does It Interact with Other Supplements or Medication?

The formula may contain ingredients that interact with other components in supplements. It may also interact with certain medications. Thus, it would be best to consult a physician before taking Spartagen XT.

Final Verdict

After carefully inspecting the ingredients of Spartagen XT and checking what users are saying about it, the product is worth trying. It is made with active ingredients that are backed by science and most feedbacks from users are positive saying it works. Although the product has certain drawbacks like the high price, it is still worth trying if you are looking for something to boost your levels of testosterone for whatever reason.