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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Is Losing Weight As Simple As Calories In Vs. Calories Out?

People have a huge misconception when it comes to weight loss. Many people believe that is it all about the calorie count. Weight loss is more more complicated than that. Sure we all wish it could be as simple as calories in vs. calories out, but it is not.

What is Calories in Vs. Calories out?

The calories in vs. calories out refers to eating less calories than you are burning through exercise. Everyone needs calories to fuel our bodies. Calories can come from protein, fat and carbohydrates. Our body takes calories from the food that we consume to convert it into energy so that we can function properly. When we have a slower metabolic rate, our body cannot convert the calories as fast as it should. Thus, some of the calories are stored as fate and not as energy.

Therefore, it is best to burn off more calories than you eat in an effort to make sure that no calories are being convert into fat, and that the fat cells that already exist can be burned off using this formula. More calories burned off than consumed by you.

Unfortunately, this formula does not work for everyone. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition uses the calories in vs. calories out formula to understand why it works for some people and not for others.

The women are given a 1,200 calorie diet a day while the men can eat 1,500 calories. The people are placed in three categories based on their six week weight loss performance. The Cluster A group are the most successful. They lost 7.6% of their body fat before reaching the stabilization phase after week six. By the end of the twelve weeks, the weight loss percentage was around 10%.

Cluster B saw some success with the calories in vs. calories out diet. They saw immediate weight loss results that averaged around 5% weight loss, but during the second half of the study, they had reached a platform and did not lose any more weight.

Cluster C is the group that has the most trouble. They lost roughly 4.4% during the first half of the study only to gain 2/3 of the weight back during the second half. This group is an example of why the calories in vs. calories out is not a universal rule. It may work for some, but it does not work for all.

Why Does the Rule Not Work for Everyone?

Researchers tried to answer this question by looking at the data for all three groups. They took many different biochemical and physical measures for each participant to see if there is a common link or trait found within the individual groups. Some of these measures include blood sugar, cholesterol level, insulin levels, inflammation in the body and appetite hormones.

Researchers found that Cluster C had the highest level of insulin resistance, more inflammation than the other two groups and more bacteria found in the intestine. These three things were the only difference between Cluster C and the other two groups. So is this why the formula does not work for them? All signs point to yes. Researchers used this new found information to start another study. In this study, they used the measures to predict who would fall into which category. They found that people with high insulin resistance has a 94% chance of regaining their weight.

How Can You Lose Weight?

For people with insulin resistance, a low carb diet works best. An A to Z weight loss study found that this diet helps you shed the pounds more than a low calorie diet. Low fat diets do not work for insulin resistance people either. In fact, it can cause you to gain weight. So if you want to lose weight using the calories in vs calories out method. You first have to figure out what your insulin resistance is and go from there.

You can find out if you have an insulin resistance by seeing if you have metabolic syndrome. This is a good indicator that you are suffering from insulin resistance and have to change your diet and exercise regimen.

So if someone tells you to just cut back on the calories and you will be fine, take that advice with a grain of salt until you find out about your insulin resistance status. Because, why count calories when it doesn't work?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ambi Fade Cream Reviews - Does Ambi Fade Cream Work?

About Ambi Fade Cream

Maintaining a healthy skin is never an easy task. It involves proper hygiene, balanced lifestyle and a strict diet. However, all these day-to-day routines mentioned above are useless without the help of an effective skin care cream. More often than not, despite your burning desire to visit a dermatologist to maintain the health condition of your skin, many reason prop up like busy schedule, money matters, or probably the doctor's clinic is too far from your place, and so you just can't.

Good thing though, over the counter beauty products can come in handy. Beauty care experts make it sure that future skin problems already have an easy yet effective solution, with less expenses and effort – or that's what they claim. In this article, let's take a look at one popular cream Ambi Fade Cream, and see if this product is worth buying.

Ambi Fade Cream is a kind of skin care cream that is formulated and developed to visibly reduce the appearance and effects of skin discolorations and skin marks. In addition to that, this skin care cream is also fortified to support natural skin tone and applicable for all skin types. This is highly revolutionized since some skin care creams diminish the natural skin tone while using them,however, in this case, Ambi Fade Cream restores it without affecting its natural tone.

Ambi Fade Cream

Active Ingredients

There are two major key ingredients for this product: The first one is the Hydroquinone. It's a kind of organic compound that is known as skin lighteners. This substance, due to its lightening properties, effectively reduces the skin's dark spots and discoloration, white at the same time, maintaining the skin's natural tone.

Another ingredient that this skin cream has is Padimate O, a type of water soluble compound that is commonly used for sunscreens. However, this substance is known for protecting the skin against the harmful effects of the sun (ultraviolet rays). This ingredient also lessens the effect of premature aging such as wrinkles visible skin lines.

Ambi Fade Cream also has alpha hydroxy acid, a type of chemical compound that consists of carbon and carboxylic acid. This content improves skin pigmentation by exfoliating it and reveals a more pigmented layers and smoother skin. Lastly, it also replenishes damaged skin cells for a livelier, fresher, and more youthful skin.

Product Features

Ambi Fade Cream lessens and fades dark areas of the skin to achieve even and natural skin tone. It is also proven to be effective in reducing and treating different skin blemishes such as freckles and skin discoloration. The said skin cream also helps fight the early signs of premature aging such as wrinkles.

How It Works?

Ambi Fade Cream works effectively by gradually lightens the dark spots on skin, while at the same time, restoring its natural glow and improving the skin tone and texture through exfoliation. The product also contains Vitamin E that helps the skin to regain its natural softness and smoothness. It is also effective in normalizing the production of healthy skin cells to restore the skin's natural glow and beauty.

How It Feels, Smells or Looks after Ambi Fade Cream?

The skin cream contains a slight chemical scent. It is suitable for both oily and normal skin.


  • It effectively reduces dark spots without diminishing the natural skin tone
  • It also helps fight other signs of aging such as wrinkles and visible skin lines
  • The product has an anti-oxidant properties that help to rejuvenate dead skin cells
  • It also has Vitamin E that helps to bring back the skin's natural softness and smoothness
  • It also normalizes the skin's natural moist that prevents it from dryness


  • The product has a chemical compound ingredient such as glycerol, so excessively using the product may cause irritation and skin burn


The product contains Padimate O and hydroquinone. These ingredients are perceived as harmful to pregnant and lactating women, hence using the product is discouraged. Also, keep the product out of reach of your kids.

Bottom Line

After a thorough evaluation and review of the product, Ambi Fade Cream seems to be stringently formulated to protect skin from all the premature signs of skin aging that includes wrinkles and discolorations. And help reduce the signs of skin aging. The skin care cream also has anti-oxidant components that help the skin to restore its natural glow, maintaining its youthfulness. Lastly, the product is formulated in such a way that it lightens the skin dark spots while maintaining your natural skin tone.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

iGrow Laser Helmet: A Unique Hair Restoration System

What is iGrow Laser Helmet?

The iGrow Laser Helmet is an innovative method that has been proven to help promote healthy hair growth in some men. The hands free system is easy to use, and is recommended for men suffering from certain types of genetic hair loss. The iGrow system is designed to be used at home, and can help strengthen hair follicles and reduce thin patches. This revolutionary system can also generate the growth of new cells to help reverse the effects of hair loss.

iGrow Laser Helmet

How the iGrow Laser Helmet Works?

This revolutionary helmet is approved for men and women by the FDA, and is proven safe and effective. It is the only hair loss system that has been proven effective, that also features an easy to use hands free design. Using non invasive and safe low level laser therapy (LLLT), this hair growth system has the advantage of not have any listed side effects. Unlike pills, tropical ointments, and pharmaceuticals, the iGrow Laser Helmet is safe for adults to use.

Using a combination of LED and red laser lights you can stimulate the hair follicle to begin promoting healthy growth. The LLLT technology has been clinically proven to promote cellular rejuvenation, which can lead to increased production from the hair follicle. As a result, men and women begin to notice thicker, and more luxurious hair. After continual use for a four to six month period, most people experienced a noticeable difference in their hair loss. The iGrow hair system is the only device approved for use by the FDA that does not require the use of your hands, and it does not have any side effects. This innovative and safe hair growth system is designed for men who are experiencing hair loss due to Androgentic Alopecia, and has been proven effective. Some of the advantages of the revolutionary iGrow Laser Helmet include,
  • Clinically proven to be effective
  • Absolutely no side effects
  • Approved by the FDA
  • Works in as little as 4 to 6 months
  • Uses safe and effective low level light laser technology

Specifications of the iGrow Laser Helmet

The safe and effective hair growth system is intended for use at home, and features an easy to use hands free design. The helmet includes four columns that can be adjusted for a comfortable fit, along with retractable headphones. The helmet is designed to evenly distribute the weight around your head, and the ear pieces can be adjusted to find the perfect position. You have the advantage of the revolutionary low level light laser technology that was engineered by scientists and leading medical professionals. The safe technology will stimulate the hair follicle, resulting in thicker and fuller hair growth.

The helmet is designed to for maximum coverage on your scalp, especially the areas most frequently affected by Androgentic Alopecia. The comfortable helmet will conform to the natural contours of your scalp to ensure a complete and even treatment from the low level lasers. Some of the important specifications of the hair growth system include,
  • It was developed after years of research by scientists and physicians.
  • The combination of the LED and red laser ensure effective and safe treatment
  • You have the advantage of the 655 nanometer wavelength that has been clinically proven to regrow hair.
  • The helmet provides even and complete coverage for optimal results.
  • This hair growth system is designed to treat the areas on the scalp normally most affected.

What are the Features?

The iGrow Laser Helmet includes adjustable headphones for comfort, along with the ability to connect with a MP3 player or iPod. The headphones feature a 3.5mm audio output that is compatible with most electronic devices. Connect and listen to your favorite playlists or an audio book, and relax while you are treating your thinning hair. The laser helmet can also be programmed for men and women, and the touch screen is easy to navigate. Find a setting that suits your particular needs, and ensure that the helmet fits comfortably on your head. It is affordable and easy to use, and includes all of the features you need to relax comfortably while you are regrowing your hair. Some of these conveniences include,
  • There no recurring costs, it is a one time purchase.
  • The iGrow Laser helmet is more affordable than other hair growth systems.
  • You will never have to pay any additional costs or fees while you own the LLLT helmet.
  • Connect to your music or a radio station while you are treating your hair follicles.
  • It can be programmed for men or women.
  • You have the advantage of the adjustable design.


The iGrow Laser Helmet is designed for men and women, and is the only hands free system that has been approved by the FDA. Comfortable, safe, and affordable it is easy to see why so many men who are suffering from thinning hair are turning to this revolutionary system. With one payment, you can see noticeably thicker hair in as little as four to six months.

Click Here to Buy iGrow Hair Growth System

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

8 Causes of Sleepless Nights - That Aren't At All Delights!


Insomnia is a Latin word that means "no sleep" and it is a health problem that has been really overlooked as being a real medical problem. Up to 40% of the population does have to deal with some signs of insomnia every year, and this is according to, some information released from the National Center for Sleep Disorders Research. If you have to describe insomnia in much larger terms, it is defined clearly as being, a sleep disorder that causes difficulty for one to be able to fall or stay asleep normally on the average.

Anxiety Causes Loss Sleep

There are a lot of people who experience very real trouble with being able to cope with the rigors of everyday life. This inability to carry out their lives normally leaves them feeling very tense, worried, afraid, at a loss for words, and uncertain about what tomorrow will bring. They then develop a lot of symptoms and one of them is sleeplessness. This sleeplessness is called insomnia.

Insomnia can be called a sleep disorder in its own right. However, it can also, usually be the major cause for an underlying health issue itself.

Medications Cause Lack of Sleep

There is also a lot of pharmaceutical medications on the market that can cause a person to have trouble sleeping to. This is because these medications can definitely change the way that a body does function on the norm and one of these includes interfering with the ability to sleep. If you do take any prescriptions for blood pressure, heart disease, anti-depressants, stimulants, allergy medicines, and corticosteroids. There is a chance you could develop a sleeping issue. Some other medications that cause sleep problems are weight loss products, decongestants, and herbal remedies that can be bought over the counter.

Stress Can Cause Loss of Sleep

Stress is something that a lot of people have to live with, as well as, contend with on a day to day basis. This is because they always seem to have worries about their jobs, school, family, health, an relationships. Stress had a tendency to keep the mind fully awake at night and going constantly. This, in turn, is what can lead to loss of sleep. Stressful situations such as someone dying, a person losing their job, someone getting sick, or divorce can also trigger off insomnia.

Caffeine, Alcohol, and Nicotine Can Cause Sleeping Issues

Caffeine is classified as being a very powerful type of stimulant in its own right. It is something that can be found in soft drinks, coffee, and energy drinks. Nicotine that is found in cigarettes and other tobacco products is a stimulant to and can bring on insomnia. When one smokes at night, it can also prove to be, a very big negative impact on their sleeping patterns. Alcohol works as a very strong sedative and does help you to fall asleep. However, it is known to wake one up in the mid night, and also to stop them from falling into deeper stages of sleep.

Depression Can Cause Loss of Sleep

Another leading cause of insomnia is no other than developing the medical condition called depression. The majority of those who do have depression will nine times out of ten have issues with sleeping overall. The association that does exist between depression and insomnia is generally regarded as being one that is complex. However, there are cases where depression can cause sleep disorders, and vice versa sleep disorders can promote different depressive disorders.

Presence of Health Problems

It is very true that insomnia can be triggered off by other underlying health conditions. Some of these other health conditions do include respiratory diseases, hormone imbalances or problems, heart disease, chronic pain, headaches, muscle or joint problems, neurological diseases, and existing issues with the genital or urinary organs.


There can be many real triggers that do set insomnia off as a medical problem. These triggers are the things that need to be controlled. However, sometimes that isn't always possible, so all one can do is treat the insomnia itself as a real medical problem that does need addressing very bad. So, with said, the only thing to do is to find just the right form of treatment to begin improving the condition itself.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Seven Steps To Improve Sexual Foreplay!

Improving sexual foreplay is not a hard thing to do. Your one goal is to be able to build anticipation and this anticipation is something that both should feel together at all times. You don't always have to be in the bedroom to feel it. Nonetheless, it should be there, whenever you are ready to make love and not just sex.

Seven Steps To Improve Sexual Foreplay!

First Step: Start by Building an Anticipation

The foreplay can be started ahead of time by two people. This foreplay can be all about what you want to do with them later on. Enticing tales of what you will want to do can be sent by cell phone or via texting. Texting is also called sexting and is something that couples do like openly indulge in freely. This process of building anticipation comes hours before the actual foreplay. So, with this said, this is foreplay before the foreplay.

Second Step: Cook Your Favorite Meal

One way to surely entice a romance, as well as, to promote great sex later on is by cooking a meal together. According to a study, those couples who do cook and prepare a dinner together, are indeed the same couples who end up having very gratifying sex for themselves later on. Not only will this bring you closer as couple. It will also promote a good time.

Third Step: Mix It All Up

Do decide to try something outside of your comfort zone. Doing things that are both new and different can help promote some wonderful results. What are these results? They are no other than the things that don't confine to a specific norm. They are actions that can be spontaneous in delivery and come totally unprepared. Mixing it all up makes for a lot of personal experimenting which will turn out to be interesting beyond word.

Fourth Step: Try To Keep Your Clothes On

Delay any decision to get naked with your partner right away. It will only make you and your partner look illicit if you decide to rip your clothes off right then and there to get it on. Wait until you get home into your own privacy to start taking the clothes off one by one. You will thank yourself for waiting until later on to take the clothes off.

Fifth Step: The Magic of Hot and Cold

The magic of hot and cold is a very awesome thing. Bring some hot towels and very cold ice cubes into the bedroom. You can alternate the use of these two things in places that you would like to kiss or stroke openly. This sensation will cause the blood vessels to contract and expand. This is something that will only make the pleasurable feelings created all the more pleasurable in detail.

Sixth Step: Always Remember What Turns Them On

Never forget what does turn your partner on specifically. Men are mostly turned on sexually by what they see. Women are turned on more by sweet words and sounds. So, with this said, it would very wise to incorporate some of both into your sexual encounter, if only to raise up the excitement factor all the more between you two. You should keep in what does excite you both at the end of the day or night.

Seventh Step: Stay Focused On the Quality Over Quantity

You should work very heavily on making the sexual foreplay feel good rather than worry about how long it takes. There is a popular belief that more foreplay does always end up resulting in a much better orgasm. However, what is more important is this, and that is that quality goes far more than quantity. You should decide to have the best feel good foreplay possible and this is because you want the very best feel good sex and feel good climax that is possible.


Foreplay is a very magical thing that leads to very magical sex like no other. So, with this said, do take advantage of all the elements and use them to your joint advantage during the act of making love and sex. Men are mostly turned on sexually by what they see. Women are turned on more by sweet words and sounds. Two totally different sexual beings is this pair, yet they do come together as one, in order to complete the sexual act that does define them as sexual beings.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Worst Places to Have Sex

These are considered some of the worst places to have sex, so don't believe the hype that they are sexy fun. A few are obviously bad ideas, while others are often romanticized as enticing and exciting for sex in alternative locations.

If you are considering sex in any of the following place, please read this entire article and hopefully your mind can be swayed to reconsider.

In an Airplane

There are many who think that joining the Mile High Club is an exciting proposition. It is the Number one sexual to-do list item for 33 percent of American men, according to a sex survey by the Trojan condom company. In reality, this is not only risky behavior that could get your arrested by Homeland Security or your local Sky Marshall. It really isn't as fun as it sounds. Restrooms at 30,000 feet are only about 3 feet by 5 feet, so sex isn't that great and it is very uncomfortable. There are plenty fun of ways to have sex, but having sex in an airplane isn't one of them.

At a Church

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common public places for sex. During weddings held at churches, nearly everyone including the bride, groom, bridesmaids, best men, guests and even teens are often caught having sex in or around church properties. This is true for all denominations of worship. If you get caught doing it at a church, the charges can include public lewdness, public intoxication and trespassing on public property. Let alone what God might have to say about it in the afterlife.

In a Public Pool

This isn't just a bad idea, but it really is unhealthy for everyone involved. A 2012 report from the Centers for Disease Control cited that 58 percent of public swimming pools contained fecal matter. That's just sickening, but there are worse consequences from having sex in a public pool. If you get caught having sex in a public pool, the charges will probably amount to several combined crimes. In addition to either disorderly conduct or public indecency misdemeanor charges, you might also be criminally charged with felony trespassing or even burglary. If you want to have sex in the water outdoors, do it in the confines of a private pool that you own. Even then, make sure that your neighborhood residents aren't able to get a view from over the wall.

At a Night Club

Over 48 percent of one night stands occur by club hookups. Rapper 50 Cent has probably made this more popular in recent years, but sex in clubs is a really bad idea. Long story short, you are going to get seen by someone and they are going to call the club bouncers to stop your sexual romp. An anonymous bouncer in San Francisco was quoted in Men's Health saying this about breaking up sex in night club bathrooms. "As intoxication goes up, slickness goes down. If two people make it to a stall they may think they're being quiet, but between clothes coming off, giggling, making out, and both parties trying to direct what's going on, it's painfully obvious to everyone else as to what's going on."

Needless to say, it almost always ends badly.

In Someone Else's Bed

Apparently 33 percent of Americans have had sex in someone else's bed. This is according to Trojan sex surveys. A common variety of this excursion is having sex in homes up for sale by real estate agencies, but you must be careful because this can get you arrested. Sex in homes of strangers, breaking into houses, squatting on properties or somewhere you are appointed to house sit, all are very bad ideas for sexual encounters. If you get caught, the consequences can be extremely damaging, possibly leading to a charge of public indecency or worse, registering as a sex offender. This isn't worth the risk, so have sex in your own bed.


It should be obvious to most readers; these locations are bad for romantic encounters and can turn disastrous for sexual activities. If you want to try something different to spice up your sex life, thinking outside the box should include using a sensible and reasonable mind towards where you engage in sex.

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