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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Worst Places to Have Sex

These are considered some of the worst places to have sex, so don't believe the hype that they are sexy fun. A few are obviously bad ideas, while others are often romanticized as enticing and exciting for sex in alternative locations.

If you are considering sex in any of the following place, please read this entire article and hopefully your mind can be swayed to reconsider.

In an Airplane

There are many who think that joining the Mile High Club is an exciting proposition. It is the Number one sexual to-do list item for 33 percent of American men, according to a sex survey by the Trojan condom company. In reality, this is not only risky behavior that could get your arrested by Homeland Security or your local Sky Marshall. It really isn't as fun as it sounds. Restrooms at 30,000 feet are only about 3 feet by 5 feet, so sex isn't that great and it is very uncomfortable. There are plenty fun of ways to have sex, but having sex in an airplane isn't one of them.

At a Church

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common public places for sex. During weddings held at churches, nearly everyone including the bride, groom, bridesmaids, best men, guests and even teens are often caught having sex in or around church properties. This is true for all denominations of worship. If you get caught doing it at a church, the charges can include public lewdness, public intoxication and trespassing on public property. Let alone what God might have to say about it in the afterlife.

In a Public Pool

This isn't just a bad idea, but it really is unhealthy for everyone involved. A 2012 report from the Centers for Disease Control cited that 58 percent of public swimming pools contained fecal matter. That's just sickening, but there are worse consequences from having sex in a public pool. If you get caught having sex in a public pool, the charges will probably amount to several combined crimes. In addition to either disorderly conduct or public indecency misdemeanor charges, you might also be criminally charged with felony trespassing or even burglary. If you want to have sex in the water outdoors, do it in the confines of a private pool that you own. Even then, make sure that your neighborhood residents aren't able to get a view from over the wall.

At a Night Club

Over 48 percent of one night stands occur by club hookups. Rapper 50 Cent has probably made this more popular in recent years, but sex in clubs is a really bad idea. Long story short, you are going to get seen by someone and they are going to call the club bouncers to stop your sexual romp. An anonymous bouncer in San Francisco was quoted in Men's Health saying this about breaking up sex in night club bathrooms. "As intoxication goes up, slickness goes down. If two people make it to a stall they may think they're being quiet, but between clothes coming off, giggling, making out, and both parties trying to direct what's going on, it's painfully obvious to everyone else as to what's going on."

Needless to say, it almost always ends badly.

In Someone Else's Bed

Apparently 33 percent of Americans have had sex in someone else's bed. This is according to Trojan sex surveys. A common variety of this excursion is having sex in homes up for sale by real estate agencies, but you must be careful because this can get you arrested. Sex in homes of strangers, breaking into houses, squatting on properties or somewhere you are appointed to house sit, all are very bad ideas for sexual encounters. If you get caught, the consequences can be extremely damaging, possibly leading to a charge of public indecency or worse, registering as a sex offender. This isn't worth the risk, so have sex in your own bed.


It should be obvious to most readers; these locations are bad for romantic encounters and can turn disastrous for sexual activities. If you want to try something different to spice up your sex life, thinking outside the box should include using a sensible and reasonable mind towards where you engage in sex.

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