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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ambi Fade Cream Reviews - Does Ambi Fade Cream Work?

About Ambi Fade Cream

Maintaining a healthy skin is never an easy task. It involves proper hygiene, balanced lifestyle and a strict diet. However, all these day-to-day routines mentioned above are useless without the help of an effective skin care cream. More often than not, despite your burning desire to visit a dermatologist to maintain the health condition of your skin, many reason prop up like busy schedule, money matters, or probably the doctor's clinic is too far from your place, and so you just can't.

Good thing though, over the counter beauty products can come in handy. Beauty care experts make it sure that future skin problems already have an easy yet effective solution, with less expenses and effort – or that's what they claim. In this article, let's take a look at one popular cream Ambi Fade Cream, and see if this product is worth buying.

Ambi Fade Cream is a kind of skin care cream that is formulated and developed to visibly reduce the appearance and effects of skin discolorations and skin marks. In addition to that, this skin care cream is also fortified to support natural skin tone and applicable for all skin types. This is highly revolutionized since some skin care creams diminish the natural skin tone while using them,however, in this case, Ambi Fade Cream restores it without affecting its natural tone.

Ambi Fade Cream

Active Ingredients

There are two major key ingredients for this product: The first one is the Hydroquinone. It's a kind of organic compound that is known as skin lighteners. This substance, due to its lightening properties, effectively reduces the skin's dark spots and discoloration, white at the same time, maintaining the skin's natural tone.

Another ingredient that this skin cream has is Padimate O, a type of water soluble compound that is commonly used for sunscreens. However, this substance is known for protecting the skin against the harmful effects of the sun (ultraviolet rays). This ingredient also lessens the effect of premature aging such as wrinkles visible skin lines.

Ambi Fade Cream also has alpha hydroxy acid, a type of chemical compound that consists of carbon and carboxylic acid. This content improves skin pigmentation by exfoliating it and reveals a more pigmented layers and smoother skin. Lastly, it also replenishes damaged skin cells for a livelier, fresher, and more youthful skin.

Product Features

Ambi Fade Cream lessens and fades dark areas of the skin to achieve even and natural skin tone. It is also proven to be effective in reducing and treating different skin blemishes such as freckles and skin discoloration. The said skin cream also helps fight the early signs of premature aging such as wrinkles.

How It Works?

Ambi Fade Cream works effectively by gradually lightens the dark spots on skin, while at the same time, restoring its natural glow and improving the skin tone and texture through exfoliation. The product also contains Vitamin E that helps the skin to regain its natural softness and smoothness. It is also effective in normalizing the production of healthy skin cells to restore the skin's natural glow and beauty.

How It Feels, Smells or Looks after Ambi Fade Cream?

The skin cream contains a slight chemical scent. It is suitable for both oily and normal skin.


  • It effectively reduces dark spots without diminishing the natural skin tone
  • It also helps fight other signs of aging such as wrinkles and visible skin lines
  • The product has an anti-oxidant properties that help to rejuvenate dead skin cells
  • It also has Vitamin E that helps to bring back the skin's natural softness and smoothness
  • It also normalizes the skin's natural moist that prevents it from dryness


  • The product has a chemical compound ingredient such as glycerol, so excessively using the product may cause irritation and skin burn


The product contains Padimate O and hydroquinone. These ingredients are perceived as harmful to pregnant and lactating women, hence using the product is discouraged. Also, keep the product out of reach of your kids.

Bottom Line

After a thorough evaluation and review of the product, Ambi Fade Cream seems to be stringently formulated to protect skin from all the premature signs of skin aging that includes wrinkles and discolorations. And help reduce the signs of skin aging. The skin care cream also has anti-oxidant components that help the skin to restore its natural glow, maintaining its youthfulness. Lastly, the product is formulated in such a way that it lightens the skin dark spots while maintaining your natural skin tone.


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