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Monday, March 9, 2015

Seven Steps To Improve Sexual Foreplay!

Improving sexual foreplay is not a hard thing to do. Your one goal is to be able to build anticipation and this anticipation is something that both should feel together at all times. You don't always have to be in the bedroom to feel it. Nonetheless, it should be there, whenever you are ready to make love and not just sex.

Seven Steps To Improve Sexual Foreplay!

First Step: Start by Building an Anticipation

The foreplay can be started ahead of time by two people. This foreplay can be all about what you want to do with them later on. Enticing tales of what you will want to do can be sent by cell phone or via texting. Texting is also called sexting and is something that couples do like openly indulge in freely. This process of building anticipation comes hours before the actual foreplay. So, with this said, this is foreplay before the foreplay.

Second Step: Cook Your Favorite Meal

One way to surely entice a romance, as well as, to promote great sex later on is by cooking a meal together. According to a study, those couples who do cook and prepare a dinner together, are indeed the same couples who end up having very gratifying sex for themselves later on. Not only will this bring you closer as couple. It will also promote a good time.

Third Step: Mix It All Up

Do decide to try something outside of your comfort zone. Doing things that are both new and different can help promote some wonderful results. What are these results? They are no other than the things that don't confine to a specific norm. They are actions that can be spontaneous in delivery and come totally unprepared. Mixing it all up makes for a lot of personal experimenting which will turn out to be interesting beyond word.

Fourth Step: Try To Keep Your Clothes On

Delay any decision to get naked with your partner right away. It will only make you and your partner look illicit if you decide to rip your clothes off right then and there to get it on. Wait until you get home into your own privacy to start taking the clothes off one by one. You will thank yourself for waiting until later on to take the clothes off.

Fifth Step: The Magic of Hot and Cold

The magic of hot and cold is a very awesome thing. Bring some hot towels and very cold ice cubes into the bedroom. You can alternate the use of these two things in places that you would like to kiss or stroke openly. This sensation will cause the blood vessels to contract and expand. This is something that will only make the pleasurable feelings created all the more pleasurable in detail.

Sixth Step: Always Remember What Turns Them On

Never forget what does turn your partner on specifically. Men are mostly turned on sexually by what they see. Women are turned on more by sweet words and sounds. So, with this said, it would very wise to incorporate some of both into your sexual encounter, if only to raise up the excitement factor all the more between you two. You should keep in what does excite you both at the end of the day or night.

Seventh Step: Stay Focused On the Quality Over Quantity

You should work very heavily on making the sexual foreplay feel good rather than worry about how long it takes. There is a popular belief that more foreplay does always end up resulting in a much better orgasm. However, what is more important is this, and that is that quality goes far more than quantity. You should decide to have the best feel good foreplay possible and this is because you want the very best feel good sex and feel good climax that is possible.


Foreplay is a very magical thing that leads to very magical sex like no other. So, with this said, do take advantage of all the elements and use them to your joint advantage during the act of making love and sex. Men are mostly turned on sexually by what they see. Women are turned on more by sweet words and sounds. Two totally different sexual beings is this pair, yet they do come together as one, in order to complete the sexual act that does define them as sexual beings.


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