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Monday, May 20, 2013

Acai Berry Extreme Reviews: Effective Slimming Pill or Scam?

Acai Berry Extreme claims it is supreme natural weight-loss and soothing detox formulation! and mixture of all natural components will allow an all in one option that battles appetite, accelerates metabolic process, detoxifies the entire body of lbs. of waste products and impurities and simply flat out assists you to shed weight, quickly!

What is Acai Berry Extreme?

Acai Berry Extreme Ingredients:

  • Acai Berry Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Chromium

    Side Effects of Acai Berry Extreme:

    • Although there are reviews posted where this supplement is sold, they are not all positive
    • Acai Berry Cleanse sounds more like a laxative than a weight reduction supplement.
    • Hypertension
      1. There is caffeine present in Acai plus Extreme so if you particularly sensitive to this ingredient you may experience mild temporary side effects.
      2. You are advised against taking Acai plus Extreme if you have heart disease, high blood pressure or any thyroid or prostate conditions.
    • If you have pollen allergies or have a known hypersensitivity to acai or similar berries, you may want to avoid this fruit.

    Customer Reviews:  

    (Reviews taken from

    I have been reading all of the exciting reviews given by people who supposedly lost weight and felt so much better with Acai Berry, but I was Leary of trying the 1 month free offers because I have heard of so many instances of unauthorized charges being put on credit cards afterward. So, I bought at Amazon, a relatively safe site. As for results - zero. Yes, I went to the bathroom more often at first, but that was temporary, and there was maybe 2 pounds lost after 2 weeks. I am still taking the last week's pills and I think my weight is the same as before I started. I also feel no change in energy levels and definitely no appetite suppressant. I would warn you not to be drawn in by all of the hype - diet and exercise are still the best things! : Fooled by all the hype - no results, Lisricke, Via Amazon

    I have been using this product for over a month and have yet to see any results. I do not feel as hungry, but I don't see myself losing weight. Can anyone help me as to why this is the case? One month and no results, By A. Bong "help" via Amazon

    I am very disappointed with this product. It didn't work for me. I took it for almost 3 weeks and so far i have not lost any weight but gained few. And I don't see any difference in energy level also. Pamela, Very disappointed.

    This product did nothing for me it only bloated me. It did not send me to the bathroom like it said it only make me consipated.I just waste my money and it so expensive. Well I wish others better luck than I had with this product. Money wasted!! Kitty


    This weight-loss dietary supplement is not so exceptional, particularly considering most of the Acai diet supplements available on the market these days. Whilst Acai Extreme does indeed include certain anti-oxidants to combat totally free radical harm, in addition with Chromium to control appetite, it is certainly not known to decrease unwanted fat. Moreover, there is not any authorized price outlined with this men’s dietary supplement. Regarding the free to try offer, you ought to be conscious that you are going to likely be billed within 30 days of obtaining Acai Extreme, but in fact the amount of money you will end up billed is not given.

    1 comment:

    1. i have tried and used it for 2 months, but no effect, rather it increase my blood pressure surprisingly !! may be it is due to High caffeine levels.

      It is totally waste of money.