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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

9 Rules For a Stress-Free Life

You’ll likely be able to resolve your stress much more productively.

See the Positives

Seeing the positive aspects of what is around you can help to relieve stress for many. This will help you to change your perspective and remember what you're thankful for, in spite of the negatives.

Avoid the Negatives

Once you have determined what is positive in your life, you might want to assess the negative forces at work as well. When able to, avoid these particular things. They could be people, certain places, or situations that you know won't lead to anything positive.

Reconnect with Friends

Healthy relationships can go a long way to help you manage or even eliminate stress. Not only can they be great sounding boards, they can help you find solutions for what's stressing you. They can also provide a much-needed positive aspect to a life marred by stress.

Get a Hobby

Hobbies are great stress-relievers, because they allow you to pour your stress into something productive that you enjoy doing. This can take your mind off of what ails you, increase your confidence and provide a lift to any day in which you participate in it.

Have Some Fun

It won't kill you to get out there and live a little. You just might find that by adding a little fun into the rotation, that old enemy stress has less time to bother you.

Someone Else's Stress

A good thing to remember is not to take on someone else's stress, because it doesn't help either one of you. If a friend or family member has issues of their own, help them to determine how to alleviate their woes without making them yours as well.

Out of Your Hands

Some stressors are just out of your control. Learn how to differentiate between things you can change and thing you can't. You cannot dwell on the things that are out of your hands, as hard as that is to understand.

Dramatic Changes

Sometimes you might find yourself at crossroads, where you need to make a dramatic change for yourself. If your job is too much to deal with, or whatever the case might be, it might be time to take a new path that keeps you from being bogged down with stress. If you can manage, it might be worth taking the time to figure things out before jumping into anything.


Channel your stress into something that makes you work harder for what you are aiming for. For example, you could redirect the stress to focus on your job and earn an upcoming promotion you've been eying.

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Jessica Ramirez writes about stress management and happiness. Her recent work is about the best online counseling degrees in the US.


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