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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hypnosis to Overcome Stress!

In everyday life we concentrate on our daily activities so much, that we don't even realise how stressed we are. There was a lot said about stress and I'm just going to point out few important facts.

Stress simply drives you away from a peace of mind! There are three stages of stress:

1st – Walk Away Response –

where you simply acknowledge unpleasant situation and as it doesn't affect you personally you just “walk away”.

2nd – Fight or Flight Response –

when stressful situation affects you and you recognise stress. You decide to act in one of two possible ways: run away from it or face it.

3rd – Unconsciousness –

where you're not aware of stress any more. Reasons for unconsciousness are various and I'm not going to elaborate on this subject today as what you're looking for is how to overcome it.

Scientifically we can measure the brain frequency and describe brain activities. More down to earth description will be that the brain is whether in “creation mode” or “survival mode”. You can create your reality or try to survive in it. The second option causes stress!

Now let’s get to the subject! How does hypnosis help to overcome stress and how you can benefit from it?

Everyone knows something about “hypnotic trance” and “subconscious mind”. In hypnotic trance your brain creates. When you dream in your sleep, when you're drifting away during the day (so called “day dreaming”) and in those moments just before you fall asleep and right after you wake up – you are being naturally in trance and the “creation mode”. More you create and more good thoughts you have during this moment, more happy you are.

Hypnotic session allows you to control this process of creation. With an experience hypnotist you create subconsciously, as well as you're becoming aware of your creation.

I like comparing hypnotic session to the movie. When you watch a movie you comment what characters in the movie do, you “advise them” what they should do and you're surprised when they do something what doesn't serve them. It's of course easy for you to do it because you have information and their situation doesn't affect you personally.

Hypnotic trance is a very powerful state which allows you to see your life as a movie. In hypnosis you simply go through significant moments in your life objectively from an observer perspective. You can understand which believes make you act the way you do and you change those believes. Like a movie director you change scene after scene until you happy with what you see. After you master new vision of yourself in hypnosis your brain finds it easy to repeat new skills and behaviour in real life.

You're getting back this feeling of being in control and when you're in control you're regaining peace of mind. Now you're becoming ready to create more. Ideas flow to you constantly and you enjoying more your life experience! You're definitely in “creation mode” and you start contributing to the world around you.

Just be aware that this attitude is highly contagious! When you'll become happy person you'll be creating more happiness around you. You'll be sharing knowledge about how to become happy with people around you and soon they be acting the way you do. Together you can create happy family, group of friends, work colleagues and local society.

Author Bio:

Michal works as a professional clinical & regressive hypnotist as well as transformational & business coach. For more information about benefits of hypnosis visit his website;


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