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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sun Protection Guide for a Family Summer Vacation

During summer craze and family vacations, people want to unwind and enjoy the sun, sand and a good swim surrounded with their loved ones. Still, one must always think about proper sun protection since sun rays can be really damaging for both adult and children’s skin. Following a few simple steps can ensure adequate protection and prevent the sunburns from spoiling the family fun and health.
Stay in shade

Always seek the shade of a tree, umbrella or tent while at the beach or pool. Exposure to direct sunlight is always dangerous, and if your family is bigger make sure to prepare adequate tents and umbrellas that would secure every member properly. Moreover, always pay attention to where your children are playing so that you can warn them to get back in the shade if they forget themselves and stay under direct sunlight.

Wear protective clothing

Protective clothing can be the best friend of your family during your summer vacation. Today, there are a lot of stylish pieces for both kids and adults, so no one would have problems with wearing this type of clothing. Also, do not forget to get enough hats and sunglasses for everyone. Sometimes, children dislike these accessories so try to make it as fun as possible for them. Take them shopping with you and let them choose their own protective gear.

Bring enough water

Make sure that you always have enough water in your beach bag. Hydration is extremely important during hot summer days and especially at the beach and pool. A portable refrigerator that will store snacks and water bottles for the whole family is a good idea to consider when taking a vacation with everyone.

Be diligent with sunscreen

It is very important that family members use adequate sun protection. For example, for children an SPF higher than 50 is recommended, while adults can use a sunscreen with SPF 30. However, it all depends on the type of skin that each person has. Therefore, it would be best to buy your sunscreen from proven and efficient brands such as Facial Co. that carry various products and options for different skin types and age groups. Many people apply sunscreen when they reach the beach or pool, but this is a mistake. The sunscreen should be applied at least half an hour before sun exposure when the skin is perfectly dry. It is important to reapply the sunscreen at least every three hours between noon and 4 pm. At times when the sun is much more intense, it is essential to reapply it every two hours. Remember, if your kids go in the water a lot, or engage in activities that cause them to sweat, you have to dry them and then reapply the sunscreen. Do not skimp on the amount of sunscreen and use a generate layer on both your family members and yourself.

Stay safe on cloudy days

If, by chance, there is a cloudy day continue to use the same protection and the same frequency as you would on sunny days. It is true that the thick clouds are capable of blocking some radiation from the sun, but the light cloudiness lets as much radiation through as the cloudless sky. The clouds also reflect radiation toward the earth.

Teach your children to protect themselves

Children follow what their parents do. So make sure that you are responsible with your own skin in the first place and then teach the kids how to take care of themselves. If you properly and patiently explain what the sun damage can do, kids will be able to understand the importance of a good sun protection.

If you stick to the above mentioned rules, your family summer vacation will definitely be free of sunburns and other possible problems that sun and hot weather can cause. Stay responsible while you’re having fun and enjoying yourself, and this vacation will definitely be the rest you all deserve.

Post by:

Peter Minkoff