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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ileostomy Surgery: Tips to Clean and Care

Many ailments threaten the human race today. Medical science has several explanations for these ailments but the most obvious ones are the kinds of foods we eat today and our lifestyles. These have resulted to lots of threatening medical conditions which oftentimes culminate to death. A good example of these medical conditions is colitis.

Colitis is the inflammation of the colon, a part of the large intestine running from the rectum to the cecum. When this part of the intestine is inflamed, severe pains and discomfort in the lower bowel and upper abdominal region may result. The condition can also deteriorate to ulcerated colitis in which ulcers and mucus begin to form in the large intestine.

It is important to consult your physician before it deteriorates to this stage for medical treatment to ensure recovery from the condition. Most times, the only option would be to perform an Ileostomy surgery to save the life of the patient and to ensure that the body mechanism works as supposed.

Ileostomy surgery involves the creation of a stoma, a surgical opening in the large intestine for the excretion of wastes. This is done by removing some parts of the large intestine inflamed by the colitis. The surgical operation is a very delicate one and therefore requires the service of a professional surgeon for effectiveness to be ensured. You can contact Dr. Schiller, the Los Angeles based BCIR surgeon for exceptional surgery.

The best option would be to perform a kock pouch Ileostomy surgery in which pouch or Ileostomy bag is formed from the linings in your intestine. The pouch or stoma bag could be red, pink, moist or shiny. Stool comes from your Ileostomy and collects in the pouch. It is important to empty the pouch and care for it as much as possible. You may need to empty the pouch 5 to 8 times in a day to avoid obnoxious odors from oozing out of it.

Tips on caring for the pouch and emptying it

There are some important tips you need to know with respect to caring for your pouch and emptying it. Firstly, it is important to note that the pouch should be emptied when it is half full or at most two-third full. Allowing the pouch to get full before emptying it may result to offensive odor. Stool coming out from the pouch is not usually solid but liquid and pasty.

You should follow the below outlined processes when emptying your pouch each time you want to do so in a day:
  • Make sure you put on medical gloves. This means that you should always have some gloves wherever you are going.
  • Sit properly in the toilet, you can also stand or stoop.
  • Hold the bottom of the pouch and move it up.
  • Roll the tail of the pouch over the toilet and empty it, flushing the toilet as you empty to avoid the stool from splashing.
  • Thoroughly clean the pouch inside and outside with toilet tissue and close the pouch.
  • You can also use some special soap to clean the pouch and even spray non-stick oil given by your doctor so as to avoid stool from sticking inside the pouch.
It is important to enquire from your doctor or nurse about the kind of foods you should eat or not eat so as to avoid complications and the blockage of your stoma. More so, you should be very observant and know when undesirable or unexpected conditions or changes occur in your body. When such changes occur, call the doctor as fast as possible for appropriate Treatment and ileostomy care.

Guest Author:

Michelle Walker is a freelance writer and blogger and in this article, he writes about Ileostomy and precautions to prevent it as well as to recover from this hazardous disorder. Which makes the patient enable in finding relief from several query based situations.


  1. Now a days, medical science can surely save our lives but everyone have fear of operation or any kind of surgery. People faced with ileostomy surgery will want to know everything they can about what is going to happen to them.
    This post can help them to know more about this term. I am very much impressed with your tips and caring section.

  2. Yes, In case of Ileostomy Surgery, it is important to en-quire from your doctor about the kind of foods i.e. what you should have to eat and what to not. I appreciate your efforts to bring such a nice post.

  3. Very useful post Michelle Walker! Tips shared on pouch cleaning are really important as failing on that may result in complications.Thanks again for sharing!

  4. After few months of operation one must take low fiber diet because surgery causes your bowels to swell and digesting fibers that time become difficult, after a period of 8 weeks or time suggested by doctor one can resume to the normal diet.