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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Erexanol - Does Erexanol Work?

Erexanol Overview

Erexanol, manufactured by M Labs, is a lubricating cream that is designed to also act as a male enhancement product. The main functions of the cream are to enhance virility and help support the blood flow, an important factor in achieving a sustained erection. By doing this, supported pleasure can be enjoyed by both partners. The official website for Erexanol is reasonably informative, and contains several customer testimonials and secure ordering section. The manufacturer offers a 30-day money back guarantee on the product although no free samples or trial periods are offered. Erexanol, while being more affordable than similar creams on the market, is still fairly expensive, costing $44.95 per tube. However, discounts are given on larger orders which are also sent with free gifts such as an e-book about supporting sexual pleasure.

Erexanol Product Details

All the ingredients are listed for Erexanol but only the key active ingredients are detailed. These ingredients are standard substances found in many male enhancement products such as L-Arginine, an important aid in Nitric Oxide production which in turn supports dilation (widening of the blood vessels), Green Tea extract, which supports metabolism and blood flow, Maca, a herb that supports stamina plus Methyl Nicotinate, a substance that helps deliver the ingredients into the blood stream fast and effectively. The remaining ingredients include vitamins A and C, Ginseng, Black Cohosh, soothing cucumber extract and moisturizing cocoa butter. Erexanol should be used at the time of sexual activity, but can also be applied on a regular basis to maintain performance. Erexanol should cause no negative side effects and is a water-based formula, although it is not known if it has any detrimental effect on latex condoms.

Good About Erexanol

  • Erexanol contains beneficial stimulating and enhancing ingredients
  • All ingredients are listed
  • Free gifts are offered with certain orders
  • A money-back guarantee is provided
  • Erexanol is not sticky or runny
  • The website includes customer testimonials and FAQ section
  • Erexanol has no known side effects
  • The product is fast-acting

Bad About Erexanol

  • No information is provided about the manufacturing company
  • Erexanol may lessen the effect of condoms
  • Erexanol is expensive
  • No clinical studies are shown
  • Erexanol is only available through the company website

Erexanol The Bottom Line

Because it is a lubricating cream, Erexanol would be a good product to support sexual pleasure. Without ingredient amounts or clinical proof of results, it is not known if it can really live up to its claims and the prospective consumer would have to rely on the word of customer testimonials which are often biased. The only real advantage of using a product such as Erexanol, apart from the lubricating effect, would be for those who are unable to take or may already be taking an oral medication.


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