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Monday, April 29, 2013

How To Heal Bleeding Gums?

Bleeding gums have become such a common issue these days that people don’t even consider it a problem anymore. Take yourself as an example: Would you even think of calling up your dentist just because you saw a pinch of blood today on the apple you bit? I don’t think so! What do you say is the reason behind your less caring attitude? Of course you wouldn’t ignore it completely with the fear of being embarrassed in front of others if it were to happen again.

Most people attribute this to the increasing level of awareness about the causes and remedies of such minor diseases. However, it depends upon the level of severity. Bleeding gums could be a cause of something as common as stress, or as severe as cancer. It is imperative to identify the cause before deciding how to heal bleeding gums.

Remedies To Heal Bleeding Gums At Home

Bleeding gums have become so common these days that people treat them the way they treat their headache, by taking over-the-counter pain killers or homemade remedies. Here are some simple and easy tips to save you from a dentist’s visit.

  • Place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and make elliptical movement while brushing your teeth.
  • Stir a teaspoon of sea salt in lukewarm water and gargle with it daily. The minerals present in sea salt are more effective than any other medicated mouthwash.
  • Use an electrical brush at least thrice a week. Electrical brushes are more effective at removing plaque.
  • Vitamin C is the best way of strengthening your gums. Increase your consumption of citrus fruits and foods rich in vitamin C, like oranges, broccoli, cabbage, strawberries, etc. Vitamin C supplements are recommended by nutritionists as an alternative medicine for gum diseases.
  • Stand beneath the sun and absorb the UV rays for at least 15 minutes per week. Sun is the best and most effective source of vitamin D. It strengthens the immune system and dental tissues.
  • Make a habit of drinking cranberry juice without sugar daily, at least till the time your gums stop bleeding. Cranberry juice serves as a repellent for the bacteria and prevents them from sticking to the gums.

Professional Treatment To Heal Bleeding Gums

It is true that bleeding gums are considered as normal as headaches and can be treated with the same ease. However, it could also be as severe as any life-threatening disease. If left ignored or untreated, it can take the form of some critical gum disease like gingivitis or periodontitis. Bleeding and inflamed gums are one of the initial symptoms of diabetes, pancreatic cancer, heart diseases or hypothyroidism. Gums also bleed and swell in times of stress and depression. In such cases, you need to consult a psychologist because natural remedies would only soothe the gums for a while. If you are unable to cure your bleeding gums through natural remedies, then it calls for you to seek professional help.

Forget the myth that bleeding gums are associated with dental diseases only and dentists are the only people who can cure this. Keep yourself aware and approach the right person for help!

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Kevin Kerfoot writes about health, nutrition, oral hygiene and skin care for Trusted Health Products’ natural health blog and newsletter. Learn more about bleeding gums and other health conditions.


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