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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Increase Your Energy with One Smoothie A Day

Raw smoothies are much more than a fad. In fact raw smoothies are a better means of consuming fruits and vegetables each day than simply eating a salad on the go. With a raw smoothie each day you can increase your energy quickly. Raw smoothies full of blended fruits and vegetables will provide your body with an appropriate balance of fructose sugars and fibers so that you do not have a single burst of energy like you often do when sugar spikes in your system or you consume caffeinated beverages. Instead these smoothies provide you with a steady amount of energy throughout the day.

Not only will raw smoothies increase your energy levels but they will keep your mind focused and give you increased clarity. As this continues you will find yourself dependent upon six cups of coffee or shots of caffeine sodas less and less. When you make the raw smoothie you should only mix water with your fruits and vegetables. This makes it simple to digest and keeps you hydrated all day.

When you increase your energy with one smoothie a day you will feel better all the time. The steps to achieving this start with making your raw smoothie first thing in the morning. You should keep once glass to enjoy throughout the day. If there is extra you can keep it in your refrigerator for a few days. It is handy to put your raw smoothie in a traveler’s mug as that reduces the chances for spilling and forces you to sip slowly. When you drink your smoothie it should be your entire meal not consumed with anything else. You want to ensure your body gets all of the energy out of the smoothie as possible and as such you should avoid eating anything else forty minutes before or after you consume the smoothie.

In order to enjoy increased energy from your raw smoothie try to avoid putting more than a handful of items in the smoothie. Try to limit yourself to five total fruits and vegetables—if that. The more you put into your smoothie the more difficult it may be for your body to maximize the nutritional benefits and digest it.

If you really want high energy levels you should rotate the greens you add to the drinks regularly. Many greens have a high amount of alkaloids which can strengthen your immune system but you still want to rotate kale or spinach regularly. If you do not it might cause slight poisoning from too much of the same alkaloids accumulating in your body. This is not true of fruits though. You can rotate fruit in your raw smoothie for flavor and nutrition.

If possible you should aim for organic fruits and vegetables which are free from pesticides and other chemicals. The cleaner the fruits and vegetables the higher heath benefits you will gain. You can enjoy superior nutrition when you consume organic produce. The taste is better as well.

Read more articles about smoothies and real food nutrition at Harvest Nutrition’s blog, written by Aaron Hughes.


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