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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Getting Ideal Body with Physical Fitness

Fitness is all about the ability to perform daily tasks without compromising muscular and cardiovascular endurance and strength. Body composition is also included to be regarded as physically fit when a person has more lean muscle and strong bones rather than body fat. The overall wellness and health status of an individual is the proper gauge for being physically fit and this can include having a perfect body shape.

How to Assess Fitness

  • Having a thin body or a perfectly shaped body is not a good measurement of how physically fit an individual is. Being physically fit is to meet the major composition of what fitness should be.
  • Muscular endurance is among the composition of fitness that involves the muscles with regards to using the lowest possible force and the ability to sustain muscular activity for a long period of time. The ability to perform daily tasks and activities without undue stress on the joints while inhibiting injury is the importance of muscular endurance.
  • Muscular strength is the ability to carry on an external force applied with every pull on the bone from tension by muscle and the connective tissues. Strengthening muscles is not just to lift heavy things, but also strengthen and boost metabolism especially in lean muscles.
  • Cardiorespiratory endurance is the composition of fitness that refers to the ability of the body to maintain a well-functioning circulatory and respiratory system. A physically fit individual can able to sustain the proper function of these systems by delivering oxygen and nutrients to the body while participating in an activity even for an extended period.
  • Flexibility refers to joint and muscle utilization at optimum levels and in the longest possible time without putting stress on both the muscles and joints during activities. The ability to sustain flexibility is important to prevent injury. Increased flexibility contributes to the well-being and overall function of an individual.
  • Body composition is a vital objective in the overall fitness of individual. It is the measurement of lean muscle versus body fat which accounts for the totality of wellness and health of an individual. Studies have proven that people with more fat in the body than lean muscles are more prone to health related problems.

How to Get the Perfect Shape with Fitness

  • Accomplishing the major compositions of fitness is achieving an ideal body and perfect shape. These compositions however, need to be strengthened and improved when optimizing the overall body function.
  • Muscle endurance can be improved and developed with exercises such as pushups and situps. Walking, jogging, and dancing are also exercises that can develop the muscle endurance.
  • Muscle strength is improved with cardiorespiratory exercise such as jogging, bicycling, and most often with weight training or exercise. Improved muscle strength can keep regulate insulin sensitivity and body metabolism including improvement of bone density.
  • Cardiorespiratory endurance can be enhanced with activities such as brisk walking, bicycling, swimming, dancing, or any other activities that can boost the heart rate of an individual.
  • Flexibility is best improved with exercises that deal with stretching or lengthening the extension of joints and muscles. One famous form of flexibility exercises is yoga which can enhance the flexibility, strength, and balance of the body.
  • Body composition can be developed and improved with lifestyle change of eating the right food and having the right diet in the right quantity. it is not all about looks to determine if someone is physically fit. With the right combination of the proper diet and exercise, the ideal body can be achieved faster than most people may think.

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