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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mistakes You Must Avoid When Losing Weight

Have you started your weight loss program? But you have yet to see your desire result in your program; you have got frustrated about your program process. Don’t be panic because most dieters make the same mistakes as you’re when they are trying to lose weight. Until they later discover the secret and make used of it. As you have aware of these mistakes, it just for you to make litter mental changes- which will help you lose weight and keep it off for well.

Here short Mistakes You Must Avoid When Losing Weight

Unrealistic Goal:

Many dieters start weight loss program without any plan of how much pounds am I going to lose in a week. You have to create plan for weight loss program and work towards that plan for you’re to achieve your desire goal

No Exercise:

Doing dieting program will not only help you to lose weight. Dieting will only reduce your lower metabolism, which will make it hard for you’re to lose pound later in future than the previous ones. Most people that hate to do exercise often are losing from the rewards in losing weight with exercise. Exercise will increase your metabolism which makes it for you to lose weight continually and help you maintain it easily.

Don’t Underestimate Your Effort:

Procrastination kills may dreams in life. Various heroes in the world today “Believe In Their Dreams and Potentials” .Unsuccessful loser underestimate their potential. In weight loss program for example, People usually think like this “Have walked two times in a week, but don’t lose any weight. Most successful weight loss needs to know how much effort requires for energy balance. In a situation like this, losing 600 calories from your walking session is not sufficient to lose a pound, which is 3,500 calories. Aware of what cost you have to overcome 3,500 on each pound and ask yourself how I can make it happen.

Self Control:

This is story of my dear friend Mary, who scales a plan to lose 2 pounds in a week, but the realistic of it did not happen. She was frustrated, devastated and hopeless because of lack of self control, am to lazy. She used her personal character and destroys her weight loss program. It is your potential to identify and fix problem. Discover your weight loss struggles personality has terrible impact on motivation and often leads to failure.

Eating For Revenge:

Is a litter experience from my cousin daughter, Sally love cookies so much that her mother usually told her not to eat it “You shouldn’t be eating cookies” because you will gain more weight “ She was so angry and decide to eat 20 more cookies to spite her mother advice. If you indulge in this kind of situation like sally, Please stop it because you’re undermine your weight loss success. Happiness is the best in life than revenge mission.

Don’t Starve Yourself:

Many weight loss dieters usually have this kind of habit, by skipping one meal in essence that they will lose weight without eating their meals. Stop doing this habit, because whenever you skip meal, in meantime it gives your metabolism hit-I will advice you not to eat more than 3 hours interval difference. This will regulate your appetite sugar and metabolism, all this process are very important to your weight loss control.

Author Bio:

Koya Olayinka is a blogger, writer and my aims is to show people ways and tips on how to lose weight through my writings and experience. 


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