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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

6 Home Remedies for Psoriasis That Will Naturally Heal Your Skin

People dealing with psoriasis know just how much of a frustrating condition it is. This skin condition causes your skin to develop scaly, dry, inflamed, and red patches in various locations. As you can imagine this condition can easily make you feel embarrassed and self conscious about how you look to other people.

Other than the symptoms, what makes this condition the most frustrating to deal with is the fact there is no cure for it. The only thing you can do is reduce the flare ups when they arise.

Check out 6 home remedies you can use right now to keep your symptoms under control. The best part about these home remedies is that you probably already have some of them in your kitchen right now.

Virgin Coconut Oil

There are a number of different oils you can use to treat psoriasis, but virgin coconut oil is really good. Coconut oil is made by hot pressing the dried coconut pulp.

This oil helps psoriasis internally and topically. You can apply it topically to the affected areas and your skin will quickly absorb the oil and the coconut oil will nourish and strengthen your skin.

This oil also helps get rid of any dead skin left on your skin and makes it smooth. Take a couple tablespoons of virgin coconut oil each day. You can consume it as it is or mix the oil with your food before you eat it. Also, apply the oil topically to the problem areas on your skin three times daily.

Baking Soda

You can take a baking soda bath to reduce the symptoms and appearance of your psoriasis. You can add the baking soda to your bath water or you can apply it to the affected areas on your skin.

Get in the bath and start scrubbing the areas with the psoriasis. This bath will immediately help with the itching but you might experience some redness and burning once you're done. So when you get out of the bath apply some coconut oil or olive oil to your body and then rub on some cornstarch. The cornstarch will stop any burning and make your skin soft.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is very beneficial for inside your body, and it can definitely help on the outside of your body too. Apply the olive oil to the affected areas on your body where you have scales or patches. The oil will get absorbed by your skin and lock in moisture and nutrients stopping dryness, itching, and other symptoms of psoriasis.

Vicks VapoRub

A compound found in some plant sources known as thymol makes vicks vaporub ideal for treating this skin problem. Moreover, it has great antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal properties that make it effective. Apply the Vicks vaporub to the affected areas each night before you go to bed.

It will immediately go to work stopping the itching, burning, and irritation. Along with soothing your skin it will help get rid of the plaques or patches on your skin. After applying it to the skin regularly each night the appearance of your skin will improve dramatically. Only apply a thin film of the vaporub to your skin and avoid putting too much on it.


Fish oil, milk thistle, evening primrose oil, and vitamin D supplements can help you ease your psoriasis symptoms. Take the recommended dosage of the supplement daily and you should notice an improvement in your skin condition.

Salt Baths

Salt baths that use either Epsom salts or dead sea salts can help your psoriasis skin condition by stopping the itching and removing scales. Create the salt bath solution and then soak in the tub for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Once you get out of the tub use a moisturizer or an essential oil like coconut oil to keep your skin from drying out.

Even though a lot of people look at psoriasis and think it is contagious, it is not a contagious skin condition. These home remedies will help you ease your symptoms and reduce the appearance of this skin problem.

Keep in mind that not every home remedy will work for everybody the same. It is up to you to try different remedies until you find the one that works the best for you and your skin.

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