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Monday, September 16, 2013

Oxyflush Reviews

Oxyflush Overview

Oxyflush is a product that is used for colon cleansing. It cleans the colon by utilizing the power of oxygen to flush the colon. Oxyflush mainly works by using Magnesium to allow oxygen to be delivered to the small and large intestines. It also contains citric acid that will act as a catalyst to enable Magnesium perform this task effectively and therefore doesn’t require that lemon juice or vinegar be taken while using Oxyflush at the same time as is the case with other colon cleansers such as Homozon.

Active Ingredients

Oxyflush contains oxides of Magnesium and citric acid. Citric acid acts as a catalyst to allow the Magnesium oxides to be broken up into Magnesium and Oxygen that is used to flush toxins out of the system.

How Oxyflush Works?

Oxyflush works by using the Magnesium based oxides to clean the colon. Magnesium based oxides are known to release oxygen into the digestive system and the oxygen in turn flushes away accumulated toxins in the mucus membranes and especially the colon. Oxyflush also contains citric acid that is there to help Magnesium oxides release the oxygen into the body safely. Plants use this exact system to carry oxygen in this same way and it is very effective.

How To Use?

Oxyflush should typically be taken as follows; one capsule per 50 Pounds of body weight, taken two to three times a day for one to two weeks and reduce the dosage after a particular period of time. Oxyflush should also be taken on an empty stomach and a person taking Oxyflush should wait at least an hour and a half after taking the capsule before eating anything else. It is also advisable to drink lots of water when using Oxyflush.

Advantages of Oxyflush

There are a lot of advantages that are associated with using Oxyflush and that have made the product very popular. Some of them are;
  • Oxyflush is suitable for people of all ages
  • The cleanser is highly effective as it not only cleanses the colon but also the large and small intestines
  • Oxyflush will not trigger Diarrhea as with the many other colon cleansers in the market
  • Unlike other colon cleansers, there is no huge loss of electrolytes with Oxyflush
  • Because it contains citric acid, there is no need to take additional catalysts such as Vinegar
  • There is no risk of dehydration as long as a lot of water is taken together with Oxyflush

Disadvantages of Using Oxyflush

Some of the disadvantages that may come with the use of Oxyflush include;
  • There is little information about Oxyflush and the available information is technical and confusing
  • Dosage or how to take Oxyflush is not very clear especially when it comes to the dosage instructions for children
  • The Ingredient amounts are also not very clear
  • The use of Oxyflush or other colon cleansers may reduce the effectiveness of other supplements or vitamins that a person may be taking.
  • The customer testimonials on the Oxyflush website don’t seem genuine

Final Verdict

Most people will want to use Oxyflush as a weight loss measure and while the product and other forms of colon cleansing may be a factor in inducing weight loss, the weight lost is not actually fat but an amount of excrement and so a person relying on this method exclusively may gain all the weight back after a very short period of time. The fact that there isn’t a lot of information on the product’s ingredients should be reason enough for those considering using Oxyflush to be a little cautious.


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