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Monday, December 9, 2013

Prolixus Reviews

Prolixus Overview

There are literally hundreds of male enhancement products being sold today and new ones seem to become available on a daily basis. This makes it very challenging to find a good one that is both effective and free from side effects. The sad truth is that the majority of products are actually not very effective and many contain harmful ingredients like Yohimbe which can cause serious health problems. If you’re in the market for a male enhancement product, you need to research very carefully and check the formulations meticulously. You should also read some feedback on the products you’re considering to have a clear idea of its actual effects on users. To help you find the right product for you, we will be scrutinizing a popular male enhancer being sold online.

What Is Prolixus?

The product we will be scrutinizing is called Prolixus which is among the most popular natural male enhancement supplements on the market. It essentially promises to safely and permanently increase the thickness of the penis. The product claims to use the first tissue stimulating formula in the world which was discovered by three former medical students. The product’s official website states that it increases girth which is more important compared to the length of the penis when it comes to boosting a man’s confidence and satisfying women. However, the product’s official website has been taken down due to unknown reasons so there is very little information on the male enhancement formula.

How Prolixus Works

The formula is said to use the world’s only tissue stimulating formula to increase the thickness of the penis. Before the product’s official website was taken down, it was stated there that the product increases penis girth through a powerful formulation that also offers other sexual benefits. It also claims to increase sexual desire, prevent erectile dysfunction and improve overall sexual health. The main problem is that there are no details provided on the formulation or active ingredients of Prolixus. This means that there is really no way to know if the formula works.

Active Ingredients Used in Its Formulation

Again, the product claims to contain a tissue stimulating formula but the specific active ingredients were not made available on the product’s official website before it was taken down. This is the biggest problem with the natural male enhancement product making us sceptical if it really works.

Advantages of Prolixus

  • It is offered with a money back guarantee but since the product’s website was already taken down there is no way to contact the company behind Prolixus.
  • It is a natural male enhancement product.
  • There are no known serious side effects from taking the supplement.

Disadvantages of Prolixus

  • The official Prolixus website was taken down due to unknown reasons.
  • There are many complaints from consumers who have tried it saying it isn’t really effective in increasing penis girth.
  • Many customers claim it is just an online scam.
  • There is little information available on the product and the active ingredients are not provided by the company.
  • There is no guarantee that the product is really safe since the formulation is unclear.

Precautions and Safety Warnings

Follow the recommended intake carefully to prevent side effects. If you have any medical condition or are currently on medication, you need to consult your healthcare provider before taking this supplement. Do not use when taking other male enhancement products or erectile dysfunction medication.

Side Effects of Prolixus

The formula is known to cause upset stomach, headaches and nausea according to some people who have tried it. Some individuals also experienced rashes which may be an indication of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients in the formula.

Is There Any Clinical Trial/Research Done on Prolixus?

Before the Prolixus website was taken down, it was stated there that the formula is clinically proven to be effective and safe. However, no details were provided on the clinical trials done on the product so such claim is unsubstantiated.

Does It Interact with Other Medications?

It is very difficult to say if the formula interacts with other medication because the active ingredients in the natural male enhancement product are unknown. It would be best not to use the formula if you are taking medication of any kind.

Dosage and Costing

The recommended dosage is to take one capsule twice daily preferably in the morning and evening. A month’s supply is sold for $76.99 but discounts are given when three or six month’s supply is ordered.

Customer Reviews

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Prolixus so I decided to try it. After using it for more than three weeks, there is still no increase in penis girth. I even perform penis stretching exercises daily to try to augment the effects of the formula. I decided to try getting a refund but it is very difficult since it is hard to contact the company. This is just a scam and I don’t recommend it. – Tony B., Jersey City

I’ve been using this formula for about three weeks already and although there is still no visible increase in the thickness of my penis, my sex drive has improved. I’m pretty happy but I still expect my penis to increase in girth. Otherwise, I’m going to utilize the money back guarantee. For the high price, I need sizeable results. – Mark L., Denver

I read about Prolixus online and it’s a very intriguing product. It claims to increase penis girth which is my main problem. I decided to order a month’s supply and I’ve been taking it for about a month already. I have fuller and longer lasting erections and my penis seems to be wider. However, I’m not sure if it is really working since the girth increase of my penis is not really noticeable. I’m still happy with the product and plan to order another month’s supply to see if it will really make my penis thicker. – Eric E., San Francisco

Final Verdict

After extensively reviewing Prolixus natural male enhancement, it is just an ordinary male enhancer. The main problem with the product is that it is not clinically proven to be effective or safe. Moreover, there is no information available on the formulation of the product making it impossible to determine if it really works. Most feedback and reviews from customers say it isn’t really effective in increasing penis girth. In conclusion, there are many better male enhancement products on the market.


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