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Monday, December 9, 2013

You Can Do It! How To Divine Body As Britney?
Britney’s personal fitness coach reveals us her fitness regime. He says that the famous 34 years old singer does exercises at least 25 minutes, 6 times a week. Her cardio exercises are composed of cycling, running on a track, rope jumping and jumping in one place. Because she is busy all the time most of the exercises she does at home or in a hotel room.

She was for second time declared as the sexiest woman in the world in the prestigious magazine Vogue. Since then, many young girls look at it and want to have a body as hers.


If you exercise as hard as her, then you need to take carbohydrates in each meal. You do not need to exaggerate and to take big quantity, but it is important to take less at each meal in order to have energy during the whole day. The best are those that can be digested quickly and gradually give you energy and are taken together with beneficial vitamins and minerals.

The pineapple is an excellent choice, as well as the bananas, pears, peaches and the dried fruits. They can be combined with yoghurt and oatmeal or eggs for breakfast.

The young potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and have a great quantity of vitamin C that strengthens our immunity. Other products that have carbohydrates are noodles, pastries etc.

But when you exercise in order to lose weight then you should be very careful with the meals. The carbohydrates are needed for energy and should not be taken in a big quantity.

Fishes are rich in vitamins and are an excellent choice for a low-calorie meal. They contain omega 3 fats that are good both for the health and smooth skin. Pregnant women do not have to eat more than two fish meals during the week, in order to prevent the unborn baby from unwanted damages that can be caused by the fish harmful substances that they contain. Fishes such as cod can be consumed in unlimited quantity.

Three day’s food plan for Britney

  • Breakfast- two eggs, baked bread and grilled or baked potato
  • Lunch – salmon salad, tortellini and apple
  • Dinner – spaghetti with onion and carrot, a banana
  • Breakfast – oatmeal, dried apricots
  • Lunch – baked potato, tune and cucumber
  • Dinner – omelet from mushrooms, lettuce, sweet baked apple
  • Breakfast – pineapple, yoghurt, sunflower
  • Lunch – marine crab, tomato on bread and pear
  • Dinner – fried chicken with vegetables

Britney’s fitness plan

Britney reveals that she likes to have fun while training and she wants to change the exercises every day. Mostly, she has a training 6 times a week. She starts with 40minutes cycling or rope jumping, running or jumping in one place for a warm-up. This she can perform in her home. That is why we cannot look for a reason not to start exercising. Then she makes exercises for muscles shaping.

Look at the exercises Britney performs every day!

Britney’s good looking hand shape! How to make it?

This exercise you will make in 4 series by 15 repeats. She also works on shaping her chest and her abs. Stand bent to the floor with the face down and raise yourself with the help of the arms. Make the first series with fused legs and then expand them.

Britney’s astonishing legs! How to have them?

From this exercise you can make 3 series in 10 repeats. Stand with expanded legs handling a ball. Kneels down on the right side and touch the ball to the floor. While you are raising up take the ball and bring it diagonally on the left side. Do this 10 times and then change the side.

How to make sexy ABS as Britney?

3 series, each within 50 seconds. Lie on the back and raise the shoulders and the legs for 45degreese. Quickly open and close the legs. First on the left and then on the right side.

How to Britney’s amazing waist?

4 series in 10 repeats. Lie on the left side with straight legs and rely on the left forearm so the body will be straight. Tighten your abs and raise the right arm up. Put the arm under the body and turn until your body gets parallel to the floor. Go back to the start position and make 10 repeats.

Britney’s attractive ass! Do you like to have one as hers? It is very simple!

2 series in 20 repeats. Keep a ball with a straight arm over the head. Lie on the back with the knees bent. Raise the hip in a shape of a bridge.

Zekirija Kain is a health writer and licensed nutritionist with nearly a decade of professional experience. He has written a number of articles on health. He works for Health Want Care.


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