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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Best Weight Loss Apps
It can be extremely difficult to lose weight, and that is especially true if one is not able to receive help. In this article, one will find a variety of applications for smartphones and iPads that will help people that want to lose weight do just that.

Whereas an app can't actually lose the weight for you, they can do a variety of things from help to create meal plans, help to create workout plans, and even to do lists to help make sure one stays on track.

Lose It!

This is a very popular application for those people that have either an Apple device or an Android. It is 100% free, and it allows one to do two of the most annoying things that have to do with weight loss in just one app.

Not only will it allow someone to look up various foods to figure out how many calories they have, it also allows them to track one's exercise without ever having to go to another app.

My Fitness Pal

For those that just starting out on a new diet and fitness program, this is a wonderful app that is supported by Apple and Android devices.

There are a few pieces of information needed in order to make this app work correctly. After downloading the app, it will require the person using the app to input their current weight, height, and their goal weight.

It will also get them to give a little information about their current lifestyle that will help the app immediately break up one's long term weight goals into smaller ones. Generally, it breaks it down into 1 month intervals.

The good thing about this app is that it also links them to the website where one can also account an accurate calorie count on any computer.


Whenever someone is starting a diet, some things are a lot harder to spot healthy wise than others.

This a great app that will allow those people to spot these foods a lot easier cutting their research in half. It will allow people to actually scan bar codes at their local grocery store to figure out which foods are good to get and which ones are better left on the shelves before being purchased.

Fooducate can be downloaded on any Apple or Android device that allows apps to be downloaded.


This particular app is great for those that want to eat fresh foods as opposed to processed or packaged foods.

It will help people to figure out which fresh foods are in season, and it will even serve as a GPS to the nearest produce place near them for them to purchase these particular in season foods. This will open the eyes of anyone who uses it and will help them eat healthier. It can be downloaded for any app capable Apple or Android device.

Nike+ Running

What helps more with weight loss than running? With Nike+ Running app, you have a nice way to keep track of your cardio progress, whether running on a treadmill or at the park. If outside, the app captures your route, distance, time, pace, splits and even NikeFuel (universal way to measure all kinds of activities).

Another great feature is that you can get cheered on in real time through your social media networks when they like, comment, or smile.

It tracks your history so you can challenge yourself to run longer, farther and faster as you try to beat your personal bests, all while listening to your jams. And when the final stretch is imminent, you can select your Power Song for that final boost. It can be downloaded for any app capable Apple or Android device.

Jason Kane is a professional blogger and amateur app developer so he tries to stay healthy when he’s not in front the computer. He recommends SOASTA for all app testing needs.


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