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Monday, March 3, 2014

Tips for Neck Pain Relief

No matter what type of neck discomfort you are experiencing, getting rid of it would reduce a lot of stress and make your day easier. Neck pain is common and if you let it get worse it will take longer to heal, or worse, lead to a cervical spine injury. Learn now what your neck is all about and why you are getting this pain. You can then begin to treat the issue accordingly. The following tips are suggestions that you can consider after consulting with your healthcare professional.

What is Causing my Neck Pain?

In most cases, the pain you are experiencing is from muscle strain or too much wear on the joints of your neck. If you tend to look up a lot on your job, like a Drywaller would, then you may be overusing the muscles in the back of your neck and putting added pressure on your joints. If your job requires you to sit at a desk most of the day you might be hunching forward and extending your neck out putting a lot of strain on your shoulder muscles as well as your neck. If you find you are looking down most of the time you might begin to lose the natural curve of your cervical spine. This natural curve is important for good posture. To ensure that the weight of your head is distributed evenly down your spine your shoulders should be rounded back and your ears in line with the middle of your shoulders. If at any extended period of time you are out of this balanced alignment, added pressure will be placed on one area, and opposing muscles will learn to shorten or lengthen, thus making it harder to return to proper posture.

New Injury Pain Relief

In any case of muscle strain and new injury, your first step is to rest your neck properly and apply ice to reduce inflammation. Doing this for the first day will calm down the irritation and allow some healing. Find yourself a small towel and roll it up to put under your neck while you are resting. This will take the stress off your neck muscles completely and allow them to fully relax.

The next day or in the evening you can begin to add hot/warm compress to your neck as you rest. Allowing the heat to seep deep into your muscles over fifteen or twenty minutes. Heat calms tight spasming muscles right down and increases circulation for quicker healing.

Stretches for Neck Pain Relief

When you have had a couple of days for rest then you can start on small neck stretches. here are some basic stretches you can do to stretch and relax your muscles.

Side Neck Stretch

Neck Pain Relief StretchesStretching the sides of your neck will take some strain off of your shoulders. Start by standing or kneeling down with your hands behind your back. Grasp the wrist of one of your hands and pull it slightly while bending your head the same way you are pulling.


Chest Opener

Chest OpenerYou can then stretch the front of your neck and open up your chest in a way that will encourage the natural curve of your neck. To do this, start by kneeling down on the ground with your legs together. Lower yourself down and sit on your heals. Bring your arms behind you again and far from your body, placing your palms down on the ground with your fingers facing away. Now arch your back and hang your head behind you to feel a stretch all through your chest and neck.  

Chin to Chest Stretch

Stretch the Back of Your NeckThe last maneuver will stretch the back of your neck and can be done sitting or standing. Start by letting your chin down to your chest and placing both your hands on the back of your head. Now use your hands to push your head down and then away from your shoulders. For each of these stretches, hold for 30 seconds and repeat three times. Practicing stretching regularly will give your cervical spine a chance to breath and will reduce your neck pain over time. Combining this with regular activity like walking or swimming will keep your muscles and spinal structures in working order and strong enough to support good posture while at work.   About the Author Regina Rain's background lies in biology and health topics and that has made her passionate about spine health. You can find out more on how to prevent injury and get neck pain relief without drugs or surgery by visiting her site.    


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