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Friday, July 26, 2013

Solpria Reviews: Does This Capsule Work?

Solpria Overview:

Proper digestion and removal of toxins play an important role in weight loss. The accumulation of food particles in the body causes weight gain and build of toxins. So if you are on weight loss program, you can also look for supplements, which offer relief from digestive problems.

Solpria with Probiotics, claims to have been designed to improve digestion and burn extra calories to achieve your weight loss goals. Solpria claims to work on both men and women, by reducing appetite, flushing away toxins, reducing fatigue and finally by increasing energy levels.

How Does Solpria Work?

The key elements in Solpria claim to boost your metabolic rate, raise your energy and aid in digestion.

It helps in controlling your hunger pangs and stabilizing antioxidant levels, so that you can reduce extra flab. It also claims to detox your body system safely.

Active Ingredients:

The key ingredients in Solpria are:
  • Thiamine- Breaks down the carbs into energy.
  • Riboflavin- Helps to convert carbohydrates to glucose, that's burned to release energy.
  • Niacin amide- Form stress and sex hormones in adrenal glands and improves circulation in the blood.
  • Vitamin B6- It is helpful for the health of skin, brain and mucous membranes.
  • Biotin- Helps in formation of glucose and production of energy.
  • Panthothenic Acid- Helps in stimulation of adrenal gland.

Solpria Strength:

  • Reduces excess weight by curbing hunger pangs.
  • Regulates blood circulation.
  • Helps to increase stamina levels.
  • Helps to detox body system.

Solpria Weakness

  • Some users have got mood swings, headaches and dry skin
  • No trail or money back guarantee.
  • No clinical studies.
  • No FAQ on the main site.
  • No consumer reviews on the main site.
  • Weight loss can be seen only after 60 days

The Do’s and Don’ts While Taking Solpria:

  • Solpria is taken one tablet per day, either in morning or evening.
  • Children below 18 years should avoid taking Solpria.

Final Verdict:

Solpria made a new entry by combing weight loss benefits along with ensuring proper digestion and detoxification. Though it is high on expectations, but no clinical trials are provided to create more confidence amongst users. Testimonials of solpria are also missing, which would have been handy for people to decide on the supplement.


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