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Friday, January 29, 2016

Do Allergies Cause Joint Pain?

Many scholars and researchers have explained allergy as a reaction in the bodies defend system popularly known as the immune system. It is normally caused many substances which are harmless and they include dust from a house or along the road, some food and pollen. The medical researchers believe that these allergens are not harmful to a person’s immune system, however; it produces a response that is not appropriate. There are several signs and symptoms that are evident during allergy season which includes stuffiness, neck, joint, and joint pains, sneezing and sometimes difficulty in breathing and blocked nose. Allergy can cause severe pains in the joints but cannot be directly attributed to it only.

Painful and Swelling Joints
When a person feels some pain while moving and joints starts swelling, these could be some symptoms but not necessarily caused by allergy. This could be an underlying medical condition that needs urgent medical attention especially if it is prolonged pain. People with such pains should check their diet because it could be one of the causes of allergy which is manifested in the joints in the form of pains. The food intakes of different people vary greatly because to some it can cause discomfort and to others has no negative effect on their bodies. The discomfort could be because of the allergy which may interfere with the immune system of a person.

Allergies cause a lot of discomfort and uneasiness in the eyes, throat, skin, mouth and skin which is common in many people, it can also cause the joints to ache and pain. Though this may not common, one need to know whether he or she has other conditions apart from the signs and symptoms of allergy.

Allergic Complications
Allergy only cannot cause joint pains but other signs and symptoms such respiratory complications, headaches and being in a congested place.  Researchers in the medical field attribute that the signs and symptoms of joint pain are because of running nose, continuous sneezing, itching throat, mouth and eyes but not a stuffy nose, sore throat and stiff coughing which are the signs of allergy. Most people believe that any general join pain, stomach-ache, and headaches are caused by the foods they eat which react negatively hence; affecting the immune system.

Other Causes
Other signs and symptoms include severe fever which is believed to be caused by cold and not allergies. As the body immune system tries to fight the harmful substances, it increases the pain and inflammation in the body which is caused by the combination of allergy and cold. This will eventually be felt in the joints of the body which is usually very severe. If seasonal allergies overlap with cold weather conditions, they can also cause joint pains. This means that joint pains are caused by the combination or overlapping of many factors. Medics believe that allergies cannot cause severe joint pains on its own and cannot directly be linked to being the main cause. This is because even people certain allergic conditions can have the signs and symptoms of severe joint pains.

Weather Influence
Some indications of joint pain can be caused by frequent changes in weather conditions such as temperature and rain, especially in America. It is during this spring season in the United States of America that most allergies are experienced and reported which may cause some allergies. Medical researchers carried out the researcher and found out that there are specific allergens which are active and infectious during this season.

Causes of allergies differ with different people because there are those caused by changes in weather conditions while others by the type of food they eat. Some food taken can cause allergy and subsequently causes joint pain. This food and food supplement include refined grains, hydrogenated fats and oils, processed sugar, peanuts, and soy sauce. Some of the foods that can help in containing the severe pains include highly fatty fish, turmeric or supplements such as omega 3 which can be taken per day in small quantities or doses.

According to some joint pain product reviews, it is important to use any products meant for treating joint pain under a doctor’s prescriptions. The medications that can offer relief include aspirin, ointments and creams such as analgesia can help in relieving the pains that people go through. The muscle and back pains can be so severe but antidepressant and relaxants medications prescribed can be of help.

In conclusion, allergy can be one of the major signals of joint pain but t it does not necessarily mean that the soreness is caused by allergens. However, allergy is one of the many causes and of joint pains. Therefore, allergies can cause joint pains but not on its own because other factors and causes can lead to joint pains.



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