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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Exercises Every Man Should Do

In the world today, exercising is gaining importance like wild fire. This is especially so the US where a huge number of people are struggling with obesity and other weight related issues. Once you are overweight, you will become more susceptible to diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions and so on. In addition, people are taking up exercises in order to enhance fitness or remain attractive. However, most people are usually not sure of the type of exercises they should take up in order to achieve their set objectives. This is particularly common in men who are usually not very keen on their looks. In extreme cases, some men do not exercise at all because they are not aware of just how important it is for them to exercise.

Importance of Exercises
Now, as a man, you will need to exercise for reasons such as aesthetics, fitness, to increase your stamina and more importantly, to keep yourself as far away from diseases as possible. You honestly don’t want to lose a girlfriend just because you look more pregnant than she will ever be. Or worse still, because you can only manage one style and last a maximum of one minute in bed. How about frequenting the hospital now and then? It is in an attempt to avert all these misfortunes that you, as a man, should try out the following exercises. No, try out is not a very strong word in this context; you should make it a routine to carry out the following exercises.

1.  Yoga
This is a type of exercise that involves you sitting still in a certain position for a few minutes; say half an hour in order to regroup. It is a form of meditation that helps kill all your anxieties and stress. In addition, yoga also incorporates a variety of positions that you should learn to assume. All these moves will help make your body flexible and in the long run, healthy.  Through yoga, you will be able to have healthy mental health as well as a healthy body.  Oh and by the way, yoga will also help you improve your sex life as it will give you the flexibility you need to ace all those 101 hot positions.

2.  High impact exercises
This category usually comprises all those exercises that will increase your heart rate significantly. These will include activities like jogging, dancing, running, fast walking among others. The good thing with routines in this category is that you can do them in the comfort of your home and at your own convenience. The benefits you will accrue from these activities will include increased fitness, loss of extra weight and a reduced risk of you developing erectile dysfunction.
So if you have that unflattering pot belly or you just want to remain healthy, purpose to have at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day.

3.  Weight lifting
The world has found a new measure of manhood in packs and abs. A man’s masculinity is almost solely based on the size of his arms and packs. Weightlifting, which involves you taking weight into both hands and lifting them, will go a long way in building the size of your arm muscles. This is because the immense pressure you place on your arms will make the muscles react by getting bigger. It will also increase the release of the hormone testosterone that increases sexual desire.

4.  Push ups
This is a form of exercise where you lie on the floor face down and with your spine straightened. Then without bending your back, try to lift up your body with your hands and toes as the only support. Now lift your body as high as possible and then return to original position. Try doing this for around ten times without resting. After the break, do another set of ten times.

This type of exercise helps strengthen your hip muscles, the back as well as the chest muscles. It is for this reason that it is recommended to people who are looking for exercises to improve sexual stamina. It will help increase your sexual stamina by keeping you back and hip muscles strong for the activity of lovemaking. With a strong back, you will be able to last long before you wear out.

Exercise is an important activity for all people, especially if you are a man. This is because as a man you will need to keep yourself healthy, fit, attractive and also sexually competent. This is why you should do exercises like push-ups, aerobics, weight lifting and yoga in order to keep yourself health both in body and mind. These exercises are suitable for all men as they can be done by all irrespective of their ages and location. They have been shown to be effective in boosting stamina and sexual performance.


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