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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What are Breast Cancer Tumors?

A tumor that causes cancer is normally a mass of cells that grows abnormally and in most cases out of control. A tumor normally surrounds the tissue around the affected area and this may be in the breast in the case of breast tumors, the brain in the case of brain tumor, the lymph system, bones, liver or lungs depending on the affected area.

A breast tumor will feel very hard. Its shape is in most cases irregular and may feel bumpy when touched under the skin. It is not movable if it is done in a breast exam, though the surrounding tissue may move. This may make diagnosis of a lump difficult, especially for the untrained person as it is hard to decipher whether what is felt is healthy tissue or a lump in the breast.

On a mammogram, a breast tumor appears as a white mass of tissue. This tumor whiteness is brighter than the surrounding tissue. The tissues are normally round in shape of which these are spiked all round. The shape of the tumor can be referred to as speculate. If you suspect a mass in your body to be cancerous, it is advisable to consult an oncologist or a trained radiologist to confirm. The mammogram picture comes as a dense mass of uncontrolled growth localized in one area of the body. In case a dense mass is seen in a mammogram and which is not clear whether it’s cancerous or not, it is important to get an ultrasound of the breast mass. If there is a speculated outline on the breast tissue, a biopsy is done so as to confirm whether or not the cells are of cancerous nature or not. This is the best way to know whether the breast cancer sign shown is real or not.

The cause of breast tumors are not exactly known, though it has been suggested that genes play a big role in the disease. Age has also been shown to be a risk factor that affects the women, with well over 90% of cases being seen in women past the age of 40 years of age. There is occurrence of this condition in younger women, though the incidence is not common.

Some of the common breast cancer signs include being tired than normal, nausea and weakness in the body, a feeling of general body weakness and a lump in the breast. Looking closely at each breast cancer sign is quite important as it helps one take appropriate action. As always it is highly recommended that you seek medical attention as early as possible.

Cancer appreciates early detection as it makes all the treatment options and courses of remedy quite affordable, less invasive and involving for both the patient and their loved ones. In some cases, when diagnosis is done late, it becomes a challenge to treat the cancerous cells as it has metastasized into other organs such as brain, liver, bones or even the lungs.

In case of a metastasized tumor, the breast cancer sign that shows first should be used to gauge where the cancer has metastasized to. This can either be in the lymph nodes where the breast cancer sign will be a mass of painless cells felt at the lymph nodes under the arm and swelling of the arm as there is poor drainage into the lymphatic system. In the brain, memory loss or even poor coordination of the area of the brain affected will be seen. If the cancer has metastasized to the lungs, the common breast cancer sign observed is difficulty in breathing and being short of breath.

It is important to know that having cancer or a breast cancer sign is not a death sentence. A lot of people have been affected by breast cancer and lived to tell their story of recovery. The need for early detection cannot be understated. In these cases, it is highly recommended that the earlier diagnosis is done, the better the prospects are at recovering and being able to lead a normal life. After diagnosis, it is recommended that you have a candid talk with your oncologist so that you can get to understand the best course of treatment that you can pursue depending on the type of cancer and the stage that the cancer is at.



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