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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

6 Ways to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes come about when your eyes appear swollen because of retention of water, sleep deprivation and genetic issues. Puffy eyes can greatly affect our general appearance. The eyes are what lights up the face. With puffy eyes even putting eye makeup can seem not to work as the swelling is more visible. Having puffy eyes doesn’t mean it will just stop there. There are hundreds of ways to get rid of them and give your face a perfect look. Here are some of the ways to get rid of puffy eyes stay tuned:
1. Use tea bags
Waking up with puffiness under the eyes can get you frustrated. Any kind of tea bag can take away the puffiness under the eyes. They contain tannin which is an astringent thus works by restricting blood flow to the eyes. Reduced blood flow help reduce the swelling. Moreover the tannin evens the skin tone getting rid of the dark circles for a radiant complexion. Eye puffiness cause the skin to get loose giving it an older look. By using the tea bags the skin is tightened up for a young look. To use the two tea bags put them in warm water then place one on each eye. Stay for 20 minutes then wash off with cold water which further constricts the blood vessels to limit the blood flow to the eyes. You can do this twice a week for desired results.
2. Do the cucumber slices
Get a fresh cucumber cool it for sometime in the fridge then slice some two pieces and put them on your eyes for a half an hour. Before putting the slices on your eyes ensure your face is clean. The cucumber slices are coupled with very strong antioxidants which are good at curbing any sort of swelling and reddening. The cucumber also helps for skin care to reduce any kind of itchiness and tighten the skin. With their cooling effect, the cucumber limits blood flow to the eyes further inhibiting and reducing the swelling. After removing the slices clean your face with cold water. If you fail to get the cucumber, raw potato can perform the same function. Peel and clean the potato slice it and place it over your eyes for a quarter an hour. The potato contain properties that drain water. Thus, it will take away the retention water reducing inflammation.
3. Apply some egg whites on the affected area
Get one egg beat and extract the white part. With your fingers apply the egg white below your eyes and leave it for 15 minutes. This is until it dries up. The egg white tightens your skin and reduces the swelling. By making the under eyes tight, the egg white encourages more circulation on the lower part of the face. This results in less flow of blood to the eyes reducing the inflammation. Wash of the residue with some cold water.
4. Ice cold spoons
Before going to bed at night put two spoons in the refrigerator. In the morning after cleansing put each spoon on the affected areas. You can wrap the spoon with some cloth to avoid the burns from the cold. Allow the spoon to stay over the affected area for 5 minutes. The cold feeling will constrict blood vessels around the eyes. Reduced blood flow will help reduce the swelling.
5. Fresh chilled milk
Put some fresh milk in a refrigerator to get chilled. With a clean towel apply the milk over your closed eyes. Let the milk stay on for ten minutes. The milk is rich in lactic acid and fat which have soothing properties thus help in reducing the inflammation under puffy eyes. The milk also contains vitamin A and D, which can help curb dark circles by toning the skin and also keeping it tight. Wash off with cold water.
6. Hydrate
Take plenty of water to reduce the swelling. Water hydrates your body avoiding any kind of water retention, thus helping get rid of eye puffiness. Curb the salt as it can lead to dehydration encouraging water retention. Limit intake of dehydrating drinks like the caffeinated ones. Also, avoid carbonated drinks. Get enough sleep to help alleviate the water retention and swelling up of the eyes.
Do not let eye puffiness be a headache; ways to get rid of them are very simple. All you have to do is schedule sometime to work on them. Moreover, you should avoid unhealthy lifestyles like depriving yourself of sleep this will not only cost your health but also appearance. Allergy is what mostly causes water retention resulting to puffiness; get some medicine to manage the allergies. Make some healthy changes and improve your looks.


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