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Monday, February 15, 2016

How Cinnamon Leaf Oil and Vitamin E Oil Help Plump Your Lips?

Many admire to have those plump full kissable lips just like some movie stars have. There are various ways to make your pout look plump. It’s not all about the expensive, painful lip plumpers but there are other easier affordable ways that one can use. These range from cosmetic to home remedies.
Nice lip plumpers can add shape and volume to your lips without necessarily looking as if you got punched in the kisser. When carefully chosen, one can achieve fuller, bee-stung lips like Angelina Jolie’s that women crave. Nasty lip plumber can leave your lips with red, flaky and burning effect.

Cinnamon for Plump lips; how it works?
Cinnamon causes a slight irritation when applied to the lips. It consequently increases the blood flow. The increase in blood flow leads to slightly fuller lips. The primary reason as to why it is not advisable to use cinnamon on busted lips is because this would result in adverse reactions. Whenever cinnamon comes into contact with an open wound, then just like a lemon juice, it will cause a burning sensation that is usually painful to the lips.

How to achieve gorgeous, plump lips?
Method 1
Using Cinnamon oil and Vitamin E oil
  • Get vitamin from the nearest pharmacy.
  • Get the cinnamon leaf oil from a health food store. Note that this is very different from the cinnamon bark oil.
  • Remember that as you will apply it to the lips, there will be some minor irritation since the lips skin is very soft and tender. Do not apply too much of it as it may distort your lips instead of plumping. 
  • Put one part of the cinnamon oil and two parts of vitamin E into a cup and slowly mix it.
  • Once you have achieved the mixture, apply it gently to your lips using your finger, a brush or a cotton swab. In about 3-4 minutes you will have a stinging, itchy feeling on the lips. Do not rub, be patient and bear the sense for splendid results. In 15-20 minutes, you shall have achieved your plump lips. Gently and carefully wipe off your lips. If the cinnamon is not enough for the mixture, you can slightly increase the ratio.
Tips for using cinnamon leaf oil for Plump lips
  • Use little cinnamon if you have sensitive lips
  • Cover the dead skin cells with a good moisturizer or lip balm. Alternatively, you can let them wear off.
  • Gently brush your lips to wear out dead skin cells as you do a daily brush at night.
  • Use real cinnamon as different types may yield different disappointing results.
  • You can as well add a little cinnamon to your lip gloss.
Safety Precautions when using cinnamon for Plump lips
  • Do not apply cinnamon to damaged lips
  • Do not rub the cinnamon too much to the lips as it may cause sore lips.
Method 2
Taking a lot of water makes the lips always hydrated hence gradually achieving a plump look. Drink water as often as possible to have fuller lips. Dry lips grow thin and easily form cracks.

Method 3
It is a process of shedding off the dead skin cell to give room for growth of new cells. One, you can make an exfoliation mixture of honey and brown sugar. Rub gently onto the lips for 3 minutes. Gently wipe your lips with a paper towel. Once dry, apply a layer of Aquaphor.

Two, you can use your toothbrush to rub your lips after brushing your teeth. It also helps achieve a temporary swell on the lips.

Lastly, if your lips are dry, apply coconut oil before and after bathing for about a week. Use any face cream to your lips for 10 seconds, wash off and apply coconut oil again. Repeat this for two weeks. After this keep applying water using a brush or finger to your lips. This procedure helps plump your lips, gives a pinkish color and moisturizing effect. Also, the dry skin on the lips falls off thus a new growth that gives a gorgeous look.

Method 4
Use of commercial products
You can opt to plump your lips using commercial products. Nice lip plumper contains ingredients like hyaluronic which are less irritating. Apply this plumper with your mouth wide open to ensure maximum effect. Apply two or three times a day.

Not all lip plumpers are good; some are much more irritating to the lips and can cause severe damage to your lips. In place of this, cinnamon is better as its irritating effect is not so bad when used in proper way. Also, note that surgery is not advisable for a lip plumping. There are some natural solutions rather than opting for surgery. Above all, one should be very careful when choosing a lip plumber to avoid disappointments like sore red lips.



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