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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Is Makeup the Reason Behind Your Acne?

Acne is a condition that affects many people worldwide from the US, India to far-flung Africa. It has no boundaries. What should concern many is the fact that there is no accurate information about acne instead myths fly around with misleading methods of clearing up acne. An acne-prone individual may lose self-esteem, miss social events or even avoid dates. In the hunt to obtain a solution to this condition, many people resort to traditional methods of dealing with acne that inflicts more harm to the skin. One of those fairy-tale kinds of statements is that makeup causes acne. To set the record straight, we need to look at relationship between makeup and acne;

How makeup affects your acne condition?
Do you change your pillow case on a regular basis?
The question sound odd at first but point on. When you sleep, your face is pressed down on the pillow for close to 8 hours for those who have regular sleeping habits. What you aren't aware of is you sleeping in dust and dead cells. An acne-prone person is susceptible to collecting bacteria from the pillow to the skin through their pores. Other forms of exposure include using a bathing towel that may harbor bacteria that causes acne.

Sleeping with makeup on
It is bed time, and you feel lazy and postpone bathing or washing the face while makeup is on. At night, the skin renews itself when put to rest. The makeup will contribute to clogging of the pores causing bacteria to build up and skin to inflame. When you feel that you are too tired to wash your face organize to have a makeup remover besides your bed to wipe all the makeup for skin care.

Too much cleaning of the skin
You may have used too many cleansing products. Stick to one. You don't have to wash your face more than twice a day to treat acne. Some go as far as scrubbing excessively injuring the skin. There are formulas for your oily skin, not harsh abrasive cleaners. Excessive cleansing is harmful to the skin. The real problem of acne is the production of sebum in excess by the sebaceous glands in response to environmental factors that assaults your skin. So your skin becomes irritated when you bombard it with more cleanser and start to produce more sebum to counter the new enemy (cleanser). It is a better idea to use one cleanser once or twice a day in conjunction with an acne cream.

Unclean makeup brushes
You might be wondering what exacerbates your acne. Alas, your soiled brushes and makeup kit which you have ignored to clean and sterilize. Acne bacteria can live in the sponges and brushes comfortably and keeps on infecting you all the time without noticing. Wash your tools at least once every week using a cleanser without chemicals.

Check the ingredients of your makeup
Have you taken note of the ingredient in your makeup? Be certain of the composition of the makeup you are using that includes the sunscreen, moisturizer, and toner. Whenever you feel slight irritation upon applying the product, discontinue immediately. Makeup with Alcohol ingredients dries up the skin surface. The point is read the labels carefully before purchasing any makeup. Keywords to look out for include "oil free" or "alcohol-free".

Sharing makeup kits with sisters and friends
You may be doing it out of ignorance, but when you share the kit with friends and sisters, the sponges and brushes may carry acne bacteria and infect your skin unknowingly.

If you have acne prone skin, you need extra care when applying makeup on your skin. First and foremost when shopping for makeup lookout for its ingredients and ignore the ones that are harmful to your skin.  Know what is triggering your acne it is not true that make is the only cause of the flare up. The flare-up may come due to an allergic reaction to cosmetic ingredients, makeup kits hygiene or even your pillow. Learn your skin it will be easy to trace the causative factors and avoid them in future. If you a pick cosmetic and you are acne-prone, first sample it on a section of your skin if it turns red, flee from it. Always remember not to overdo your face cleansing because it is not a treatment for acne and blemishes on your skin.

Makeup is not the reason you have acne so don’t give up on it just look for the best product for yourself. Seek professional help from a qualified dermatologist to treat and control your acne. It is not enough to rely on home remedies if the acne keeps on recurring. Some of the home remedies are old wife tales that don’t work but aggravate the condition. Women who use makeup improve their self-esteem so don’t shy away from it.



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