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Friday, February 14, 2014

5 Anti-Aging Techniques from Around the World

The world is obsessed with looking young. It can be seen everywhere from the products we buy to the media we consume. Women especially strive to look younger and keep their beauty. From generation to generation, anti-aging tips and techniques have been handed down through families, friends and communities. It’s a common topic on talk shows such as Oprah, and can be seen in every beauty magazine. Americans are often sold beauty products and plastic surgery or injections to preserve their age, but there is always the question as to how long these injections will last and the fear of becoming disfigured due to “botched” work. Maybe Americans should take a look at some the other non-surgical anti-aging techniques that are used around the world.

North America: Canada

Canadians, known for being fervent skiers, look to sun protection as their number one anti-aging technique. Harsh UV glares that reflect off of the bright white snow can cause significant skin damage and cause a woman to appear older. Canadian women protect themselves from the sun in an efficient manner. They use a broad-spectrum sun block with a high SPF, and apply it to their face and lips whenever they are exposed.

Asia: South Korea

Not specific to only South Korea, but all Asian countries use tea as an anti-aging technique. Tea is drunk on a daily basis by all ages in South Korea, and the detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effects result in luminous skin. It can also be used topically; when tea powder is mixed into brewed tea, the result is a lovely facial mask.

Africa: Nigeria

Women have long used African shea butter as a moisturizer to maintain their skin's health and appearance. It prevents wrinkles, increases the texture of the skin, and feels amazing.

Europe: France

Many French women take grape seed extract supplements as a means to prevent premature aging. Grapes are very high in antioxidants and have been proven to help maintain the skin's elasticity. There have recently been some American studies about the effectiveness of this technique.


Emu oil is the Australian woman's go-to anti-aging product. Applied topically, emu oil prevents wrinkles, moisturizes and helps keep the skin supple.

While our cultures may differ, striving to look one's best is a universal desire. Every country has its own unique and useful anti-aging techniques that we all can learn and benefit from. Successful anti-aging techniques have the ability to boost a woman's confidence and help her feel her best, wherever she may live. Learn more about how long American facial fillers typically last.


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