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Thursday, February 20, 2014

5 Tricks to Becoming a Healthy Morning Person

Getting up early in the morning is difficult. Because of this, many of us find ourselves sliding out of bed only minutes before we have to rush out the door for school or work.

A true “morning person” rises early to face the day’s challenges. This type of person is at his or her most alert and productive just after waking up, and is often able to accomplish many things before you or I lift our head from the glorious pillow.

The following suggestions are “tricks” morning people use to maximize their days from start to finish.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep.

A productive morning starts the night before. It’s impossible to begin the day when you don’t feel refreshed!

People commonly think to themselves that 8 hours of sleep is good enough, but everyone’s body is different. Experiment with the hours of sleep you get each night over the course of a month.

Sleep experts also recommend designating your bedroom as a space purely for sleeping, so that you associate it with relaxation and rest instead of work. To go along with this, it is important to limit the stimulation your brain gets while in your room. Remember to turn off all electronics, use blackout shades, and leave the cell phone alone. Good luck teens!

Tackle that New Years Resolution

Every year you probably make the resolution of getting a gym membership and losing those few extra pounds leftover from Thanksgiving. Now that you’re awake early, purchase some running shoes and get out the door. Go on a quick jog or a run around the block. Maybe you will find that you love breaking a sweat and the endorphins flowing through your body.

Some of us also say to ourselves that we’ll take the time to look our best each day. Don’t sacrifice your sleep for this; take a few minutes before bed and lay out your outfit to avoid that stress the next day. Dry, scratchy eyes won’t only make you look exhausted, but feel the same way. To make sure the whites appear clear and bright, opt for contacts that are designed to provide continuous moisture, like Acuvue Oasys that you can buy cheaply here. Eye drops are always handy to brighten up your gaze, but make sure that, if you wear contact lenses, you apply the right kind.

Eat Well in the Morning

Start the morning off with some carbohydrates (like high fiber whole grains or fruit) and protein to fuel your body for the day ahead! Steer clear of high-sugar breakfast pastries and many sweet cereal bars that taste good in the moment, but leave you in a slump an hour later. Apples are a great option to have in the morning because they contain fast acting sucrose and glucose that provide stable energy and give your stomach that full feeling.

Create a good routine around breakfast that will ease your mind into the day.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine After Noon

This trick is an easy one to follow. Coffee should strictly for the morning, as the caffeine has a powerful lingering effect that can last for much longer than most people think.

Unless it’s the weekend, try and limit the amount of alcohol you intake with dinner and before bed. If you do end up getting a drink or two, make sure to have food to counteract the after effects.

Make Mornings Rewarding

Once you’ve created good habits for yourself, you’ll find that you have more time than ever. Use this time to your advantage!

Consider the things that you don’t have time for later in the day. Make a list of these ideas and gradually check them off while you add new ones. Take time to watch your favorite show while you get ready, read some of the book that has been sitting on your desk, or chat with your kids while you eat breakfast. Use your new time “for you” and you’ll never get tired of being a morning person!

If you can follow these tricks you will be well on your way to seizing the day.


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