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Monday, February 17, 2014

Mandelay Reviews: Does It Really Work?

What is Mandelay?

This product Mandelay claims to be a gel cream, a typical topical product that is to be applied on the shafts of male genital, in order to delay ejaculation. This product is meant for men experiencing ejaculation problem, which tends quick ejaculation. But this product is said to be suitable for men with mild ejaculation issues, not suitable for the chronic issues. This product is also not recommended anyone who continuously suffers from such problem. It is more appropriate to have a word with the doctor in such condition. The product is said to be safe for use with condoms as it doesn’t affect latex in any way and the gel is also non-toxic.

Manufacturer Details:

Well the good thing about this product is that, it’s information can be easily found on the online website for Majestic, said to be the long-established manufacturers of the brand and also on the websites of retailers carrying the product. Yet there are very few customer reviews or testimonials for this product. A decent amount can be found on retail websites, as it is not readily available from the manufacturer. Moreover independent reviews for Mandelay are positive and most men found that with delayed ejaculation they enjoyed a more pleasurable sexual experience; plus their partners also experienced a more satisfactory sexual activity.

Ingredients and Their Working:

Ingredients present in this product are:

Benzocaine: This product Mandelay contains a single component that can be found in numerous OTC analgesic ointments. This component is said to operate strictly and locally numb the skin and does not provide the type that is either medically proven effective for sexual enhancement. This may seem to be boring but it can help people to last longer in bed. This product can desensitize individual to the point of not being able to maintain his erection is high, so you can pause and sexual excitement. But, Mandelay does not have the necessary ingredients to an effective male enhancement product.

Benefits of Mandelay:

  • There are no known side effects of this product.
  • It is safe for use with condoms.
  • This product is affordable.
  • It does not require daily application.


  • Information given on the official website is limited.
  • FAQ section is not provided.
  • Nothing stated regarding money back guarantee or trial offers.


Mandelay ointment just needs to be applied on to the shaft of penis before intercourse. But, after intercourse it is to be washed as soon as possible. It can also be used in combination of condoms as none of the ingredients present in this product affect the latex.


Mandelay is said to have no known side effects yet some consumers have reported having rashes with the use of this product. It may also affect men who are allergic to some ingredients.

Despite of the absence of money back guarantee this product is generally affordable for most men to try and see if it works for them without committing to spending a lot of money.


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