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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Advantages If Having Teeth Whitened Professionally

If like many of us you are no longer happy with the appearance of your smile and would like to brighten it up, why not have your teeth whitened? If you happy doing this, you generally have two options. Whether your teeth have gotten stained from smoking or the food and beverages you eat and drink and you will have the choice of consulting your dentist about treatment or purchasing an over the counter whitening agent from your chemist. The professional option with your dentist will invariably cost more but there are several advantages to having the procedure overseen by a professional.

The advantages of professional whitening include:
  • your dental practitioner is allowed to buy significantly stronger bleaching agents than are available over the counter in your chemist
  • the bleaching agent can be dangerous and be harmful your skin and other tissue that it comes into contact with
  • not all people are suitable candidates for whitening. Your dentist will be able to tell you if there are any reasons why you should not undergo the whitening procedure

Your dentist can acquire more powerful bleaching agents

As whitening gels and glues can harm tissue if they are allowed to touch it, their peroxide substance is regulated. Inside the EU, whitening packs which are accessible to the general population can't hold more than 0.1% peroxide. This is a quite low level of peroxide contrasted with units accessible to dental experts which can hold up to 6% peroxide. Even though over the counter units may cost less, it is worth thinking about the amount of change possible with weaker agents.

Bleaching agents are hazardous

All tooth whitening kits contain the basic ingredients hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Even though sensible measurements might be used on teeth without causing harm, it is risky when it comes into contact with different parts of your mouth especially uncovered tissue regions like gums, lips, cheeks or throat. Some terrible cases have been reported where home whitening units have smouldered peoples lips and gums. Additionally if the bleaching agent spills from the tray it is possible to harm your mouth, throat and gastric tract.

A big benefit of having any teeth bleaching finished professionally is that your dental practitioner will take the important safety measures to verify the medicine does not negatively affect any other aspects of your oral health. Contingent upon the kind of in clinic whitening you pick these safety measures can incorporate:
  • fitting your tray to verify it fits securely onto your teeth and that the bleaching agent does not spill
  • covering the tissue around your teeth and utilizing a cheek retractor to ensure that the whitening compound does not end up on them

Some people are not suitable candidates for teeth bleaching

Some people are not suitable candidates for tooth whitening and the procedure can have an unwelcome impact for your oral health if you have gum disease or suffer from other dental health issues. It is consequently prudent to have a dental examination before undergoing any teeth bleaching. Your dentist will carry out an examination to make sure it is ok for you before undergoing any whitening procedure.

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